Award-winning white noise toy myHummy available to retailers in the UK for the first time!

MyHummy’s range of toys emit different types of white noise which studies have shown help to send babies off to sleep.

What makes myHummy’s range stand out in the market is the Sleep Sensor which reacts to a stirring baby and automatically initiates white noise.

Alternatively, the toys can be set to ‘non-stop’ mode, which emits white noise continuously for twelve hours. MyHummy toys are machine washable.

The latest myHummy mobile app, takes the genius toy one step further. MyHummy is the first white noise, soft toy of its kind on the market that can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth. Users are now able to remotely control the ‘Humming Heart’ of the latest myHummy products straight from their phone. Through the app, users can change all the sound settings such as the volume, type of sound, and play-time. The app also allows users to access unique baby monitor and alarm modes, which will activate an alarm on the parent’s phone (within Bluetooth range). Users are also able to check the level of remaining battery power in the device’s ‘Humming Heart’.


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