Je Porte Mon Bébé, Parents but not only…

Je Porte Mon Bébé® JPMBB from Paris, winner for the Best Babycarrier & Best Babysling in the Made 4 Mums Awards 2018, gives parents the best choices to carry their babies both in comfort and ergonomically.

Well known for the beautiful color combinations from subtle to intense, JPMBB already offers four “BabyCarriers for everyone”: The Original, The Basic, The Little Wrap Without a Knot and the PhysioCarrier.

But the big news is the launch of their new baby carrier, The Hoodie Carrier.

The Hoodie Carrier was invented, designed and manufactured by JPMBB, so obviously it’s a natural extension of the same DNA as our other baby carriers.

Quality, reasonable price, respect for physiology and practicality – these are its built-in features. We’re not talking about a baby carrier made out of sweatshirt material, which would not be suitable for carrying. It is made of a 3D breathable all-seasons material offering a soft and slightly stretchy wrap-like feeling – OekoTex 100.

With this baby carrier, we wanted to give parents a tool that blends even more subtly into the world of today’s parents, without cramping their style or imposing the childcare look.

All our babycarriers are certified by OekoTex and the HipDysplasia Institute.

If you are interested in stocking our products, please contact Sophie at

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