Hippychick Hipseat

The Hippychick Hipseat is ideal for home, the high street and on holiday. There are many adaptations, but nothing can beat the original Hipseat on style, comfort and durability. It is tough, hardwearing and machine washable, so it can go anywhere!

Specifically designed to address one of the root causes of adult back pain, the Hipseat is a generous, luxuriously padded back supporting belt with a firm shelf for little ones to sit on that supports their increasingly heavy weight from underneath. Instead of twisting the spine, the parent’s back stays straight and the child is tucked into the chest, providing comfort and security for both adult and child. Simple, practical and easy to use the Hipseat makes a great travel companion helping parents to fight both short term fatigue and longer term damage.

The Hipseat is endorsed and recommended by osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists and health professionals.

With back pain affecting around 60% of the population at some point in their adult lives – the Hipseat is a product every parent should invest in.

"I absolutely love my Hippychick Hipseat. I’m a very slim build being a size four and not having much strength this product allowed me to keep my daughter Evelyn happy, content and also safe and secure. It helped our bond develop. Before I was aware of this product I felt awful that I couldn’t carry or cuddle her when she wanted me the most. Thank you so much!"

For more information on the Hipseat please visit www.hippychick.com/hipseat or call 01278 434440

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