Created by Founder Shabs Kwofie in 2012, AmaWrap is a home-grown UK-based baby wrap company which has seen rapid growth in the last year.

There are many products on the market to help but often they are complicated to use, bulky to wear or do not fully support baby’s legs and hips. The AmaWrap Baby Carrier is easy to wear, soft – with no buckles or clips – and comes in a range of colours to fit in to any wardrobe. The ergonomic positioning of the Amawrap makes it comfortable for parent to wear and allows for the best hip position for baby.

After nine months tucked up in the womb, being in the outside world can come as a bit of shock to newborns. There’s no wonder they find comfort in being close to mum; studies have shown that skin-to-skin contact even regulates baby’s heartbeat and temperature. One way of maintaining this is to carry baby close whilst going about daily life as a new mum. Using a wrap or baby carrier allows them to do this whilst leaving both hands free.

AmaWraps are 100% soft cotton 50cm x 5m wraps which are manufactured to the highest standards. All can be purchased at selected UK stockists and online at, RRP: £39.99.

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