Reima: keep the water out and the comfort in

We all know what happens when a toddler spies a muddle puddle! No matter what they’re wearing!

But what if there were children’s clothes that are not only water repellent, but also resist dirt? Leaving parents with smaller washing piles and more time for little ones to jump in muddy puddles.

Reima is an acclaimed Finnish children’s wear brand with a mission to help children discover the joy of movement. A lifestyle choice they hope will stick into adulthood.

As the global leader in functional children’s wear, Reima designs premium performance clothing for active kids with a year-round top to toe wardrobe for 0 to 12 year olds. Their PVC-free Rainwear collection means, no matter what the weather, children can stay warm, dry and comfortable outdoors.

Combine their clothing with a ReimaGO activity sensor. A sturdy, waterproof disc which is worn inside a pocket and activates every time they move, tracking the intensity and duration of children’s activity levels. The device is paired with an adult’s mobile phone so that parents can set goals and rewards to encourage even more movement.

The world is full of adventures for those who seek them out. Reima champions an active childhood for kids and an easier day for parents.

Contact:; Telephone: 01302 746680

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