Protect babies from wet weather with the Clippasafe Car Seat Rain Cover

All parents want to keep their baby comfortable but when it’s raining that can prove difficult - especially when they have to be moved between the car and the house.

With one hand full of shopping or battling with an umbrella, shielding a baby whilst also carrying a car seat can be tricky to say the least!

The answer is the Infant Car Seat Rain Cover from Clippasafe. The clear PVC cover is designed to fit over most infant carry-style car seats and features rigid carrying handles. It protects babies from bad weather, keeping them warm and dry and is lightweight as well as easy to clean and store when not in use.

The rhythm of a car journey normally sends babies off to sleep and they become peaceful and cosy, so the last thing parents want is for drops of cold rain to wake them up, resulting in a damp, irritable baby to dry off and calm down. With the Clippasafe raincover in place, babies can stay warm and content and hopefully asleep!

Clippasafe Infant Car Seat Rain Cover – £8.99 RRP

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