Feeding on the go made easy with Fill n Squeeze!

Look no further! Fill n Squeeze who have recently celebrated five years of trading have become a household name in the UK and exporting to over 20 countries worldwide.

Following on the initial launch of the patented pouch filling system, a further six products have been added to the range.

The original Weaning Pouch Starter kit now includes a cleaning brush with the pouch system and five reusable pouches, making pouches easier to clean than before.

A clever pouch spoon with a back handle to support the weight of the pouch and also aids in single handed feeding has sold over 20,000 units in one year. Further products, such as the long awaited pouch cleaning brush now makes getting to the far reached corners of the pouch easier to clean.

We all know weaning can be messy and the Probiotic Stain Remover removes stains on all clothing, pushchairs, beddings etc within minutes. Simply spray onto the stain and watch how the active bacteria become alive and eat away at the stain.

Fill n Squeeze extends beyond weaning and now with the Smooth Snack pouch aimed for children aged 3 to 10, makes this an exciting and fun pouch to store healthy smoothies, yoghurts, fresh milk, jelly and even as a water bottle. The pouch has a “Spot the Difference game” on both sides, keeping kids busy.

The imminent launch of the much-awaited recipe book is now available to purchase in with over 70 recipes from weaning, stage 1 and 2 through to toddler snacks and smoothie and yoghurt ideas for snacks on the go and for lunch boxes. The recent launch of the Double Zipper Pouch means this pouch can be cleaned in the dishwasher. The new Pouch Topper means no more messy feeding with baby led weaning. Babies who can feed themselves can now squeeze a pouch to their little hearts content, as the topper controls the overflow of food out of the pouch.

Not wanting to leave the adults out to enjoy a bit of a squeeze, Nutripouch offers this option for storing surplus fresh smoothies, drinks and more and replaces big bulky containers when on the school run, at work and even at the gym. Further information can be found at www.nutripouch.co.uk

For all trade enquiries please contact rifat@fillnsqueeze.co.uk


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