Comfortable feeding with Bshirt

The multi-award winning Bshirt is a feeding vest that allows mothers to express their own style and feel like themselves again by converting their pre-pregnancy clothes to be breastfeeding friendly.

With the Bshirt there is no need for mums to buy a new breastfeeding wardrobe for short term use.

The idea is to wear the Bshirt under regular clothing and pull the outer layer of clothing such as a blouse, dress, jumper etc up or down to feed in. The Bshirt can also be worn on its own because it looks just like a normal vest. It’s ethically made with super soft organic cotton making it great to wear in the day and also at nightime. A customer survey found that 83% of women felt more confident breastfeeding in front of others while wearing their Bshirt. Available in sizes 6-20 and in six colours, with more colours and styles due for launch this summer.

“I've always breastfed in public and it wasn't until I wore the Bshirt that I realised how self-conscious I'd become. The Bshirt helps me to relax and feel confident - it's so much easier and I'm loving wearing my own clothes again!” - Jennie P

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