B-Sensible's mission for a better night's sleep

B-Sensible is one of Europe’s leading retailers in bedding. Its mission? To ensure that families have a better night’s sleep. B-Sensible produce unique, breathable and waterproof bedding for adults, children and babies.

With products starting from just £16, B-Sensible ranges from fitted sheets in all sizes to durable pillow protectors. Coming in over 15 different colours, there is a shade to suit every style.

Made from Tencel originating from eucalyptus and beech trees, their sheets are the first 2 in 1 fitted protector that acts like a second skin and is as soft as silk and as cool as linen. As it’s both a fitted sheet and protector, parants won’t need to use another mattress protector alongside it.

B-Sensible’s bedding properties are endless. 100% natural surface, its sheets absorbs 50% faster than cotton and dry fourteen times faster! This means every B-Sensible creation is waterproof, preventing sweat and dust-mites penetrating the pillow and mattress.

Each sheet and pillow protector are completely thermo-regulating meaning it will keep sleepers cool in the summer and warm in the winter. No matter how many times it's washed, the fibres of their unique combination will remain unchanged so long as parents follow their simple care guide.

One of their most popular ranges is their award-winning B-Sensible for baby. A fresh and innovative range of beautifully soft, breathable, and waterproof bedding is soft to the skin and made from 100% natural fibers. It comes in a selection of sizes from Cots to Cot Beds.

Soft to the skin, highly hygienic and natural fibers, B-Sensible is the ultimate choice for a better night’s sleep.

For more information, visit www.bsensible.co.uk

For trade enquiries please contact ukteam@beddingindustrial.com

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