Dr Brown’s range of Gift Sets

The Dr Brown's Newborn Options™ Gift Set is a unique gift for expectant parents providing all the equipment they will need to not only bottle feed their baby but will also give them the benefits of anti-colic vented system.

The innovative Dr Brown’s Options™is a complete feeding system that grows with baby helping to alleviate the symptoms of windy colic. The only anti-colic bottle recommended by Healthcare Professionals, Dr Brown’s is the only truly preventative anti-colic bottle on the market.

The Newborn Gift Set includes:

  • Dr Browns Microwave steriliser with tongs (can sterilise 4 bottles in around 6-10 minutes, plus 10-minute standing time)
  • Dr Browns 3 x 270ml bottles
  • Dr Browns 2 x 150ml bottles
  • Dr Browns 2 x level 2 teats
  • Dr Browns 2 x level 3 teats
  • Dr Browns 1 x bottle brush
  • Dr Browns 2 x travel caps

The new Dr Brown’s Options™ is the first convertible bottle that can be used with or without the green vent system, So that you can help prevent colicky symptoms during the first three months when colic is more prevalent. The unique Dr Brown’s internal vent eliminates the vacuum and air bubbles in the feed, so helping reduce colic and burping. Options™ grows with baby, allowing easy removal of the vent as baby develops, or no longer experiences feeding problems.

Dr Brown’s also offers a Special Edition Gift Set, which also make a unique and completely usable Baby Shower Gift. Each set comes with two 270ml Dr Brown’s Options Baby Bottles and one 150ml Dr Brown’s Options Bottle decorated with cute blue or pink illustrations, a Bottle & Teat Brush to ensure thorough easy cleaning as well as two Vent Cleaning Brushes.

The set also includes a Pre-Vent Soother which features the Patented Suction Free Air Channel developed by a Paediatric Dentist. When the time comes, mums to be will also be pleased to find a pink or blue Flexee Teether which has a variety of texture combinations to stimulate sore gums and mouths.

Fiona-Jane Kenworthy, Marketing manager at Dr Brown’s, comments: “The Dr Brown’s Gift Sets make an invaluable present for mums to be and one which they will be extremely grateful to use. Whether their baby suffers from colic or not, these unique products will ensure that they can give their baby exactly what they need – after all prevention is better than cure.”

For further information, please contact Dr Brown’s on: 01538 399 541 or e-mail info@drbrownsco.uk

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