Healthy grins with Brush-Baby

What price can be put on a baby’s healthy gummy smile or toothy grin? Brush-Baby, the infant dental-care specialists have a range of gentle and uniquely formulated gum and dental-care products that would make great and inexpensive Baby Shower Gifts.

Although you can’t see a baby’s teeth when it’s born, they are developing underneath the gums and that’s why it’s vital to start looking after a baby’s oral welfare as early as possible.

Why? - Wiping a baby’s mouth, gums, tongue and inner cheeks removes any build-up of bacteria and sugars, familiarises a baby with an oral care regime as early as possible, can help prevent teething pain and prepares a healthy environment for teeth to eventually emerge into.

Designed by a mum of a teething baby and developed in collaboration with a dentist, the easy-to-use products including DentalWipes, Toothpastes and Teething Products, give babies the best dental start in life.

With starting prices from £2.10 for a baby’s FirstBrush Toothbrush, these dental Baby Shower gifts have the potential to ensure that a baby’s smile is healthy and lasts a lifetime. Now that is something to smile about!

Brush-Baby offer smart gum and toothcare products for babies, toddlers and children from newborn to six years of age.

For further details on how to look after a child’s dental health from day one of life visit:

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