A range of thoughtful gifts from Cheeky Rascals

Parents-to-be are typically inundated with unimaginative cuddly toys and baby grows in new-born size that babies quickly outgrow.

But there are plenty more original ideas for baby shower gifts that will not only stand out, but can also treat the mother-to-be and make new parents’ lives that bit easier.

Any new parents will find themselves talking about sleep, a lot, specifically a lack of it. Unfortunately, there is, as yet, no magic, baby-friendly product guaranteed to give you 7pm-7am but the breakthrough Love To Dream swaddling solution helps new babies settle quickly and establish a peaceful sleep routine. The unique arms up design emulates a natural sleep position and by eliminating the need for blankets, the Love To Dream range makes for a stress-free sleep for parents - truly making Love To Dream an essential baby shower gift.

A bath is a wonderful way to start the bed time routine, and with the NEW Cheeky Rascals Baby Bath Support, Mum, Dad and baby can relax and have fun together. The Baby Bath Support gently supports baby at the perfect height and softly cradles baby’s body allowing arms and legs to move freely. Hands-free, the Bath Support is perfect for bathing twins or older children together.

Another great gift range is the Zazu range of Sleep Trainers, Night Lights and Music boxes. Zoe the penguin is a gentle nightlight, wireless speaker and music box in one and is a gift that will be adored by both Mum and Dad and little ones. It has five pre-set melodies – from white noise to nature - but you can also use it as a wireless speaker paired to your phone using Bluetooth. Each pre-set plays for 20 minutes but it also has a genius setting that activates when baby cries or it hears a noise.

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