Introducing the Holibobs full-size wooden folding cot by Huggabubba Ltd.

The Holibobs Folding Cot is a beautiful, full size, foldaway cot made from New Zealand Pine.

It is strong, robust, incredibly easy to use and clean, offering a comfortable ‘home from home’ sleeping experience for any baby or toddler who might be on their own Holibobs or a sleepover at the Grandparents'.

The Holibobs' unique and innovative design means that this is ready for use direct from the box. This means absolutely NO flat packed furniture, NO tackling instructions and NO getting out the toolbox and drills. It really is incredibly easy and quick to set up and use immediately. From lifting out of the box, this opens out to a full sized 120cm x 60cm cot which is then secured at either end with a robust powder coated metal handle. The base board is lowered down into its one height position on the bottom and clicked into place. When parents have finished with the cot, it can then be folded in to just a width of 15cm. This can then be stored under a bed or in a cupboard ready for the next visit or Holibobs.

Please contact Huggabubba Ltd for further information on 01603 891191 or or via our website where we would be happy to tell you more about our Holibobs Cot.

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