Introducing, Momsense: The Smart Breastfeeding Meter

- a revolutionary system that measures in real-time the amount of breast milk a baby consumes.

After years of extensive scientific research, begun in 2008, Momsense present their ground-breaking technology to the UK market. The patented Momsense technology is designed to provide mum with real-time knowledge of their baby's milk intake.

Whilst the NHS “Baby Friendly Initiative” has proved successful in increasing uptake rates of breastfeeding in Hospitals to over 80%, just two months after returning home, only 20% of these mums are still breastfeeding. Mums face many challenges with breastfeeding but one of their main concerns is whether their baby is feeding enough. Momsense is designed to help prolong the breastfeeding experience for Mums by keeping them fully informed about how much their baby is feeding and confident in the knowledge their baby is satisfied.

Momsense is based on a cutting-edge technology, designed and developed by CEO Dr. Osnat Emanuel, a physician and a graduate of INSEAD Business School. The technology allow the Momsense monitor to accurately interpret the complex physiology of a baby’s swallowing measuring the amount a baby feeds with an accuracy of +/- 95%. The monitor work in conjunction with a smartphone app delivering a real time log of feeding events and amounts baby has fed. Listening via the Momsense earphones (included) to baby’s feeding can also help in the bonding process for Mums, Dads and siblings.

Distributed in the UK & Ireland by Clever Clogs Trading. RRP £79.99

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