New Meelight from Meemoobaby

Late nights, disturbed sleep and early morning feeds are part of the course for most parents but thanks to the Meelight from Meemoobaby, night shifts change forever.

The modern, sleek and innovative Meelight from Meemoobaby, not only supports parents during those late night wake up calls, but also helps little ones drift back to sleep.

The unique feeding and care Meelight is portable and cleverly attaches to clothing, making the nightshift that little bit easier, especially during those late-night feeds and nappy changes! With no stimulating blue light, parents will be able to see using the ingenious Meelight but little ones won’t be disturbed - blue light has been proven to suppress the release of melatonin, the hormone which signals when it is time to sleep*.

This revolutionary nightlight produces a soft golden glow with an adjustable dimmable function so parents can adapt the setting to suit their needs, a low calming light for bedtime and a brighter setting for those nappy emergencies!

“This is a very well designed and useful product. It emits a warm yellow light with adjustable intensity which means that it does not bother my baby's sleep or ours. It is light and portable so can easily attach onto clothes and you can carry it with you while taking care of the baby in the dark. Overall great product!” Esther 5 Star Review

RRP: £44.99

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