Babymoov launches its new generation of video baby monitors: YOO!

There’s definitely a YOO for every parent!

Nurturing, educating... every parent has a different approach to life with a baby. These differences are evident through their various needs and the choice of products they use.

Babymoov’s Live Open Innovation process enables its Research, Development and Design teams to include parents in all the stages of product development. This is essential for ensuring they can target their specific needs, provide them with the best possible user experience and measure their satisfaction levels.

Today, Babymoov is unveiling its brand new range of YOO video baby monitors: YOO-SEE, the ultra-compact design monitor that can be hung anywhere, YOO-TRAVEL, the cordless, rechargeable with long battery life and YOO-FEEL, the tactile, simple, Plug & Play touchscreen monitor!

These new technological innovations have been designed to suit the profiles and lifestyles of all new parents. So no matter what kind of product type they prefer - classic, intuitive, smart, hand-held or stand-alone, there is definitely a YOO for them!

These three video baby monitors use the very latest hi-tech components and come with a lifetime warranty as standard.

For further information, please contact Babymoov on 01823 772995 or email

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