Babycare & bathtime products from Clippasafe

Bath safety is a priority for all parents, and Clippasafe have a range of baby care and bathtime products to help make parents life that bit easier.

Whether children love or loathe their splash in the bath, extra care and attention needs to be taken to make sure they're safe and comfortable and Clippasafe have a full range of products to make this experience enjoyable.

As hot bath water is a major cause of scalding injuries, testing the water is vital in finding the correct bathing temperature. There's a lot of uncertainty in this area, especially as a child's skin is much more sensitive than an adult's. Using our Floating Dolphin Bath Temperature Indicator instead of just a hand or elbow, is a much safer method.

Clippasafe products include eye guard to save shampoo getting into little one’s eyes and a slip mats to save them slipping in the bath.

Visit and check out our other useful products to keep the bathroom a safe and a happy environment.

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