Award winning support for mothers breastfeeding twins

When selling a breastpump to a family expecting twins, educating them on the benefits of double pumping is important.

Double Pumping (simultaneous breast expression) compared to single pumping (one breast followed by the other breast) not only saves time, ideal for mums of multiples, but the latest scientific research has confirmed further benefits for both mum and baby. When double pumping, mums express up to 18% more milk and the breastmilk expressed also has a higher energy content, which is especially beneficial for preterm infants.

When preparing to breastfeed it is essential that parents choose the right breast pump to support their feeding journey. The world’s leading breastfeeding brand Medela, have a range of double pumps available including the Swing Maxi, the only research-based breast pump on the market, which features innovative 2-Phase Expression technology, mimicking a baby’s natural nursing rhythm at the breast. Compact, easy to use and clean, it is no wonder it is a favourite for breastfeeding mums!

The brand’s double breast pump range also includes the Freestyle and Symphony Hospital-grade Breast Pump which is used in 94% of UK hospitals and is available to rent. With Medela’s Easy Expression Bustier available too, mums can even have free hands while pumping!

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