BabyBay Maxi - co-sleeping with twins without any of the associated risks

Traditional Moses baskets and cots tend to stand alone in the baby’s nursery or in the parents’ bedroom.

Usually this means that parents have to get up to feed and change one, or more often, both babies, taking them out of their cots and returning them once fed and changed. This can be tiring and uncomfortable for new mums, especially if they have experienced a difficult birth or a C-section. The Babybay Maxi Twin Bedside Cot offers an alternative as this innovative double cot simply attaches to the side of the parents bed providing a separate space for the babies to sleep, but within arms’ reach during the night.

Specially designed for twins the cot can be used for around six months and will clamp securely to most beds. To give parents even more room, a cot extension kit can be bought that extends the front by 15cm to create more space for growing babies. Once the Babybay Maxi has been outgrown it will convert into a twin seat/bench with the extension converting into a handy wall shelf. The Babybay Maxi Twin Bedside Cot is an elegant solution for co-sleeping twins with the added benefit of simple conversion to a wheeled cot and later a desk.
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