Harrison Spinks

As one of Great Britain’s most established and innovative bed makers our British heritage is something we’re extremely proud of.

We have 177 years of experience in manufacturing luxury mattresses, which means we’ve become synonymous amongst our customers for high-quality, craftsmanship and excellence; attributes which are commonly associated with traditional, British products.

There is a growing appetite amongst consumers for ‘home-grown’ products. The fact that we’re a highly vertically integrated business, from drawing our own wire for our unique spring technology to growing natural mattress fillings on our own farm in Yorkshire, along with our core British values, means we offer superior quality products with ‘Made in Britain’ characteristics.

Our heritage, knowledge and expertise in making luxury mattresses drove us to develop the new NaturalStart mattresses.

After recognising that sleep is vital for a baby’s development, we designed the new NaturalStart cot bed mattresses in order to offer parents a 100% natural option for their baby’s sleep routine.

The brand’s British-made mattresses within the NaturalStart range feature revolutionary BabySpring technology – the world’s smallest pocket springs – providing babies with perfect postural support as they grow. Complementing the BabySprings are layers of 100% natural fillings, including wool, mohair, cotton and hemp, some of which are grown on Harrison Spinks’ own 300-acre farm in Yorkshire.


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