Babycup - the little cup for big oral health!

British-made Babycup™ First Cups - “The little cup that’s kind to baby teeth”- are renowned for their quality and their health credentials and recommended by leading health experts advising on the best weaning or sippy cup.

“Manufacturing in Britain is an important part of the Babycup™ brand,” says Director and Founder Sara Keel. “We have excellent processes and we constantly scrutinise and analyse our production to ensure we deliver the high quality that is synonymous with being British-made. It is very important to us and we are proud of the trust this brings for our customers.”

As a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for a fit and healthy childhood, whose meetings are held at Westminster, home of the British Government, Sara gets immersed in discussions and proposals relating to childhood health. This ‘not just talking the talk, but also walking the walk’, further supports Babycup’s™ growth internationally with territories that understand and appreciate the quality, excellence and reliability of British manufacturing and this health-conscious brand’s credibility.

Babycup™ receives 5-star rave reviews from consumers: “Fantastic little cup…..Perfect weaning tool” (Karen, Babycup customer February 2017) and from professionals too, with the world-leading NHS using Babycup™ First Cups in many sites across the country.

Katherine Pearce, Principal Dental Nurse/Manager, Maxillofacial and Dental Dept, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, “As oral health professionals at GOSH we encourage children to move to an open cup as soon as possible to reduce the risk of dental caries which are often connected to bottles or sippy cups. Babycup™ offers the perfect colourful tool for parents to start this process with their children.”

Claire Stevens, Vice President, British Society of Paediatric Dentistry says: "Paediatric Dentists recommend the introduction of an open or free-flowing cup from 6 months. Open cups reduce the risk of dental decay by minimising the time that drinks are in contact with teeth. I love Babycup™ and so did my children. They are perfectly designed for small hands and great for establishing good dental habits from an early age." On launching the new DCby1 Campaign, to encourage dental checks by age one, Stevens’ advice for good oral health includes using an open cup. Stevens, along with Chief Dental Officer for England, Sara Hurley, appeared on that bastion of Britishness, BBC TV, during their Breakfast Time show, to promote DCby1 and held up Babycup™ First Cups as examples of the cups little ones should be using.

Babycup™ First Cups picked up new Awardsin 2017 from home and overseas, including Made for Mums in the UK, Family Choice in the US and Meilleur Produit de l'Année 2017-2018 in France. Increasingly in-demand and recognised by leading retailers such as Ocado, Waitrose and JoJo Maman Bebe as a weaning essential, Babycup’s mini open cup is the first cup on everyone’s lips.

To sell this great little product, contact Sara:
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