Into and out of the car whilst asleep

Too many people leave babies in car seats in fear of waking them. This increases the health risks from spine development to flat head syndrome. The most dangerous concern however, is something called hypoxia.

This is a result of shallow breathing caused by the chin on the chest for too long. The developing brain and other organs are subsequently starved of oxygen leading to a rise of SIDs in car seats.

The Snugglebundl is the only product that enables babies to be taken out of car seats asleep. It’s a hammock like blanket which is designed to hold the baby’s head absolutely still when lifting and laying. As such babies can be put in to and taken out of car seats ASLEEP!

It has won many awards including Best Baby Product of the Year by Achieve magazine. The health benefits are so wide ranging that it comes recommended by Midwives, Chiropractors, Sleep experts, Health experts and Car Seat experts.

It is tested it EU standards up to 30kg and crash tested for EU and US standards in three and five point harnesses. It is made of soft cotton and can be machine washed and dried as normal.

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