A little more than just car seats

Long car rides can leave the best behaved of people feeling a little cranky, and this is only magnified when it comes to children.

As a part of the Easier Parenting collection at Taf Toys we aim to take the stress out of travelling and believe the key to a smooth car journey is a calm baby.

This is why our range of car toys offer plenty of easy-to-reach play activities and beautifully composed music that will help to keep baby entertained throughout the ride.

From our Play & Kick Car Toy with music and lights activated by the baby’s kick, to the Musical Car Toy Owl that features a range of soothing and play time melodies; our range has been designed to develop baby’s fine motor skills and senses. With features that allow the car toys to easily connect to the headrest and to adjust for baby's reach; both parents and baby will always be ready for a fun and relaxed drive. Bon voyage!



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