Prince Lionheart’s all-round entertainment

We have fun designing our products, so children can have fun playing with them.

We help them find a big world in a small place—go somewhere in their mind, while not going anywhere at all.

Play mats
They can be at the zoo, farm, raceway, princess land, and under the sea in their own home. Better yet, parents can go with them. Our playMATs make playtime anything but flat™.

Balance Bike
Glide through a park: little feet drumming on the ground. Kids’ first ride of independence will be on the yoMOTO—the bike before bikes. balanceBIKEs: Feet up, chin up, wild abandon—that’s what childhood is about. No chain, no pedals, just feet. Wind in their hair, fresh air in their nose. Get unplugged and play.

Wheely Bug
It’s a friend, it’s a ride, it’s cruise on the wild side. Buzz around on the back of a bee, fly with a ladybug, run with a tiger—whatever their favourite animal is, an adventure awaits on our award-winning wheelyBUG.

Yetozoo Elephant
A toy and ride on with a secret place for their favourite things.

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