Reusable nappies for everyone!

The Belgian brand Bambinex now has a full range of products, that will suit all babies’ needs.

Bambinex enjoys a very strong reputation as an honest manufacturer and guarantees flawless service to its customers. Our smooth, simple and unlimited transport arrangements ensure that working with Bambinex is an attractive and profitable business.

As a manufacturer, Bambinex focuses very clearly on the quality control applied to all of its merchandise. All products are designed for maximum comfort for both babies and parents.

The Bambinex assortment exists of two types of baby nappies, swim nappies, training pants, accessories and adult nappies.

The Soft-Line is the classic bamboo nappy that comes in two sizes (3.5 kg-10 kg and 10 kg-20 kg). The Basic-Line is simple and very thin, using a bamboo or microfiber booster. Both lines use the same adjustable one-size wrap. This wrap provides a perfect fit, avoids leaks and is available in a wide range of colours and designs.

If you are interested in the Bambinex range, the way we operate and our promotions, please contact us!

Lar C 25
8930 Rekkem
T: 0032 56 430 114

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