Comfortable and safe changing with the new Squishy Cosy Changing Mat from Shnuggle

Following on from the tremendous success of the Shnuggle bath, the clever folks at Shnuggle have created a super new product to make changing, massage and tummy time a pleasure.

The Shnuggle Squishy Changing Mat is a super soft changing mat made from warm-to-touch foam for the most comfortable and safe nappy changes. It features a smooth, easy-to-clean surface with no nooks for dirt. The clever design features an elevated head to comfort babies with colic (and help keep the milk in). And with careful consideration to safety, Squishy features raised sides to help keep wriggly babies in place.

Already a firm favourite with Junior Deisgn Awards (Gold) and Best Baby & Toddler gear (Silver), Loved By Parents (Silver) - the award winning Squishy is the perfect partner to the Shnuggle bath.

Squishy is in-stock now, with a low MRP of £44.95 - so please contact to order or contact Babybase Wholesale.

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