Illumipad™ changing pad – let the light shine through!

We can all identify with the anxious night time changes, trying to keep baby sleepy whilst feeding and changing nappy.

Let Prince Lionheart alleviate that anxiety a little with our innovative changing pad with integrated LED light that illuminates the ‘business end’ without disturbing Baby.

Push light on, push light off, or push and forget about it. The light has an auto-shut off timer so you can push and go. The cushiony Illumipad with contoured sides comes with a specially designed super-luxurious cover with built in silicone light shield that keeps any wayward wetness from contacting the light source.

Illumipad, providing just the right light for changing at night!

Twist’r™ Nappy Disposal system – outsmarts odours!
Prince Lionheart is proud to debut their patented Twist’R® Nappy Disposal System that truly does not smell, is easy to use, AND looks good! Twist’R® does what other nappy bins claim to do: OUTSMARTS ODOURS™. No kneeling, bending, cutting or tying required. It comes fully assembled and ready to use. Simply drop the dirty nappy, step on the foot pedal, and the nappy and smells disappear! Twist’R® OUTSMARTS ODOURS™ in 4 ways: Self-Sealing Doors that isolate dirty nappies, Activated Charcoal that adsorbs odours, patented Twist Technology™ that seals in odours, and a 7-Layer Bag that traps odour molecules. Talk about belts and suspenders! Each bag holds ~35 newborn nappies and can be easily lifted out from the top and thrown away when full. The whole family can now breathe easier!

Twist’R® Refill Bags and Charcoal Refills are sold separately. The Twist’R® Refill Bags bags are specially designed to trap the stink molecules inside so they can’t get out! No need for nappy sacks.

Nurseries nationwide are going to be clamoring for the Prince Lionheart Twist’R® Nappy Disposal System

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