Drifting peacefully to sleep

Iconic sleep brand, Love To Dreamâ„¢, distributed in the UK by Cheeky Rascals, helps all little ones drift off to a peaceful sleep with its pioneering and revolutionary swaddles and sleeping bags.

Thoughtfully designed, the brand’s award-winning Swaddle UP encourages children to drift off to the land of nod in the natural sleep position with their arms up. The one of a kind swaddling solution, suitable from new-born up to 4 months, features the patented ‘wing tip’ design, enabling little ones to bring hands to face and mouth to self soothe, helping to establish positive sleep patterns from day one.

Thrilled to have launched two striking new designer prints this September, the Love To Dream range at Cheeky Rascals now features more choice than ever before. The two gorgeous designer prints in the ground-breaking Swaddle UP, include the Starry Night print, featuring a classic black and grey star design, and Kisses, which displays a bold grey and orange hugs and kisses print.

Love To Dream was founded in Sydney in 2009 by entrepreneurial first-time mum, Hana-lia Krawchuk, who noticed that her son kept on ‘breaking out’ of his traditional swaddling cloth. After extensive research into the history of swaddling, and supported by medical research that suggests if babies can self soothe then they tend to sleep better and for longer, Hana-lia created the world’s very first ‘Swaddle UP™ - a simple to use swaddling suit that allows a baby to safely sleep in the natural arms up position, while also allowing them to self soothe. Eight years on and with an ever-growing collection of styles, colours and gender-neutral prints, Love To Dream is fast becoming the world’s leading sleep brand.

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