How ‘small’ is ‘small’?

You’ll have toddlers in store every day, but did you know that even our biggest coin (£2) represents a choke hazard to the under 2’s? The next time someone drops some change, even more reason to pick it up immediately!

It’s well known that small things can be dangerous for young children, but how small is ‘small’? This week we are sending all Cheeky Rascals trade customers a free Choke Tester. You’ll be able to show your customers exactly how small a choke hazard is and start encouraging them to ‘think safe’.

For parents who want a Choke Tester of their own, it’s part of the Fred Home Safety Check Tools. This kit also includes a finger probe, to help parents understand what is and isn’t a finger-trap, and warning stickers to position in hazardous areas of their home. The Choke Tester and Finger Probe have been made to the dimensions specified in European Safety Standards and are the best possible guide for these hazards. Once parents start thinking safe, then baby proofing their home is the next logical step. Next stop, the Fred range of home safety products, see for more information.

Help us to increase awareness of home safety to reduce child accident rates; right now over half of all our under 5’s attend A&E every year as a result of an accident, and most of these occur in the home.

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