Tranquillity Mattress by Merifor®

When baby is put in the cot parents need reassurance that their most precious gift is as comfortable and protected as can be as they leave them to sleep.

The cot mattress is intrinsic to a child’s wellbeing so it is important to explore options from specialist brands in this field, such as Merifor.

The Merifor brand draws on many years of skill, expertise and knowledge to make some of the most advanced cot mattresses in the world. The Tranquillity mattress is designed to encompass the latest clinical research and the most advanced technology available. Using Ellergenic® technology it has twin covers which actively combat germs and allergens, protecting our future dreamers.

The Merifor Tranquillity has:

  • Twin interior with adaptive springs that extends comfort and support as a child grows.
  • Sealed mattress using Ellergenic® technology to protect against germs and allergens. 
  • Merifor Allergy Protection (MAP™). 
  • Three dimensional lofted fabrics which improve airflow and breathability around the child. 
  • Twin cover so the mattress can be safely used when the outer cover is being washed.

The Merifor range is launching in September 2017 and will be available in cot bed, cot, travel, crib and moses sizes.

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