AIRWRAP™ - Cot bumper alternative

Australian brand AIRWRAP™ are the market leader in breathable cot bumper alternatives, ensuring a comfortable sleeping environment for baby.

Airwrap forms a padded, protective layer inside the cot to keep arms, legs, pacifiers and favourite toys safely inside and protects baby against bumps and knocks for improved comfort, peace of mind and a better night’s sleep for parents and babies.

Unlike traditional cot bumpers and many other alternatives, Airwrap has been engineered with vented corners and superior fit to ensure maximum airflow into the cot in addition to using breathable materials.

Each panel is made from a bouncy mesh core encased in 100% cotton muslin, so it’s completely breathable with a natural feel and finish. Along with breathability, the mesh core material has been specially selected for its squishy qualities. If stood on, it will squash down and spring back into shape afterwards, so it can’t be used by infants to climb out of their cot.

Airwrap designers measured hundreds of baby beds during development to ensure maximum adjustability and compatibility with most cots and cot beds on the market, plus secure Velcro fastenings ensure no loose, sagging fabric or dangling bumper ties!

Available in blue stars, pink stars or silver stars or white mesh (white mesh supplied without cotton muslin outer).

Find out why Airwrap is the UK and Australia’s No. 1 breathable bumper solution, call Kooltrade Sales on 0161 335 2500 or email

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