Mini Portable Soother Steriliser

The multi-award winning Milton Mini Soother Steriliser has been designed to deal with that everyday mum dilemma – how to safely clean a dropped soother.

BPA-free, small and watertight, the Milton Mini Soother Steriliser has been created to sterilise soothers on-the-go, and can be popped into a changing bag. The new improved design includes a more tactile attachment strap, a wider base opening for larger soothers, and advanced water bottle closure technology (instead of a silicone rim) for easier cleaning.

The Mini uses the tried and trusted Milton Method to sterilise soothers; simply add cold water and a Mini Sterilising Tablet and the Mini will kill bacteria and viruses in just fifteen minutes.

A soother will remain sterile for 24 hours in the solution so parents can always have a clean one to hand. Remember there is no need to rinse! The Milton method leaves no taste or odour and it is SAFE to use the soother immediately.

The Milton Mini is available in three vibrant colours – blue, green and purple. It is stylish, lightweight and watertight, making it the safe home for a child’s soother.

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