Pabobo, smart solutions for peaceful nights

Pabobo creates children’s sleep solutions for an “Easy Bedtime” and a “Good Sleep” all night long: portable night lights, luminous companions, stars projectors…

Pabobo has recently launched two brand new products on the UK market: the ambiance projector Calm Ocean and the magical lantern LumiBlo.

Calm Ocean projects a beautiful submarine environment, mixing underwater effects and swimming fishes, with a soft musical ambiance. Thanks to its sleep programs, Calm Ocean is efficient to soothe children. It contains two programs using various parameters (different rhythms and lights effects) to help children to fall asleep.

Last but not least, there is an optional “baby cry sensor” that turns-on automatically the ambiance projector if the baby cries during the night. With a relaxing womb sound, this program calms down the child and parents don’t have to wake-up!

LumiBlo is the second new product of Pabobo. Inspired by the traditional lantern, LumiBlo is magic… It turns-on and off with a simple breath!

Perfect to reassure children at bedtime and during the night, LumiBlo also help children finding their way in the dark.

This magical lantern is useful for parents too, helping them to watch over their kids or to feed their babies during the night. Lumiblo’s handle is practical to grab the night light or clip it anywhere.

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