Back to Sleep® Slumber Bear® / Bunny range from Prince Lionheart

In 1975 Dr. William Eller, a physician at Holy Cross Hospital, inserted a microphone into the womb of a pregnant woman and recorded the actual womb sounds a baby hears during pregnancy.

Dr. Eller thought that playing these familiar sounds would calm and reassure a newborn baby confronting his new environment outside the womb.

Dr. Eller’s findings were used exclusively by Prince Lionheart in the creation of Back to Sleep® Slumber Bear® / Bunny range, the ORIGINAL NATURAL AUDIO PACIFIER.

Since then, the Bear has been used by parents, doctors and midwives to help settle Babies so they get the sleep necessary for growth and good health. The “secret” is in our Soundbox with the use of ACTUAL womb sounds recorded moments before birth, INSIDE a pregnant woman’s womb. That secret is the key to the Bear’s success! A happy, sleeping Baby means parents get the sleep they need too!

No need for bear, just the science? Look no further with the Prince Lionheart eyeSLEEP. The original and authentic womb sounds encased in a friendly space guy with super suction cup feet to keep eyeSLEEP upright and alert! Sound and motion activated with 6-minute auto-shut off timer.
Authentic womb sounds = ZZZs!

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