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At Shaidee, we design gear that lets parents “Live Life on the Go”! We give parents the freedom and the peace of mind to be active and enjoy the out-of-doors with their babies.

The Shaidee Cover is a revolutionary new product designed for everyone concerned with protecting their baby from the harmful rays of the sun. It is a patent-pending product that is “sun SMART cool GEAR™”! It is a lightweight, sleek “visor” that fits easily around any person carrying a baby in most models of front baby carrier or sling. It also works with car seats and most strollers; truly a multi-use item! Manufactured in Canada using antimicrobial medical grade foam and Quick-Dry bird-eye mesh with 3M wicking to keep the wearer cool and comfortable.

The Shaidee Bug is a lightweight yet breathable cover offering full insect protection and enhanced sun protection (UPF 50+). One size, it fits most pushchairs, carseats and slings, so is extremely versatile. Sprays and lotions may keep bugs away but many parents are reluctant to use chemicals on delicate skin. Useful for hot summer days filled with flying insects in the UK, essential for those travelling further afield.

The Shaidee Double Pouch Baby Sling is for parents who want versatility in baby wearing without fussy rings, clips or complicated tying. Our double pouch makes wearing baby easy – just pull on the loops and be ready to go! Made with organic cotton, the fabric has just enough stretch to hold baby womb-like. The sling gives two shoulder support for the wearer in all of its 5+ positions and is suitable for children from new born until 35lbs (16kg)

All our patent-pending, innovative gear is light-weight, flexible and machine washable.

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