Celebrating ten years of Caboo hugs with Close

Close’s much loved Caboo +organic has reached double digits, and in celebration of their ever evolving brand they have launched a limited edition print collection, comprising of five new printed carrier designs – Orla, Emily, Sofia, Oliva and a special tenth Anniversary print which is available exclusively through sling libraries in the UK.

Close have taken direction and inspiration from not only current trend lines but also the environment and the many countries in which Caboo now successfully sells to develop a range of beautiful stylistically contrasting core prints with a sensibility for sophisticated, mum led patterns, motifs and co-ordinates with something for everyone.

With the introduction of Caboo DXgo in 2016, Close now has a carrier for every age and stage of carrying. So parents can choose the right carrier, perfectly suited to both the age of their baby and lifestyle. Parents don’t need to compromise with one carrier that doesn’t quite give them the fit and support they need at all stages. Use a newborn speciality Caboo from day one to get best the positioning, fit and support for a tiny baby, then when they are are ready simply transition to Caboo DXgo, our portable, buckle style carrier for that next stage of carrying as little one becomes more independent.

Why compromise or have to buy additional newborn inserts, when you can get two age specific carriers without paying more? We think it is just Close common sense!

For further information please contact Leah Harris – leah@closeparent.com

Tel: 01992 554045


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