An inspirational highchair

The iCandy MiChair is a highchair inspired by designer furniture and grows with the child. The iCandy MiChair transforms into a nursery or rocking chair once its life as a highchair has ended.

The highchair is also suitable from birth when used with the iCandy Pod.

The functionality of the iCandy MiChair ensures that it becomes the perfect companion to accompany the growth and development of a child, especially in the crucial formative years which are most important for both parent and baby. The longevity of the iCandy MiChair provides a special sense of ownership and becomes a constant feature of their childhood.

With its modern and sleek design, iCandy’s team of British designers have once more managed to capture the essence of the brand. The iCandy MiChair features subtle and sophisticated synergy with the existing range by utilising their signature high chrome finish, as seen on the chassis of their flagship pushchair, The Peach. The iCandy MiChair has been designed to have an impact on each and every aspect of a child’s early life, complementing their development and helping teach a child about ownership and sentimentality. It is without doubt an impressive addition to iCandy’s portfolio of luxury products, and a welcome extension to the iCandy family.

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