Hippychick‘s range continues to expand

Hippychick are delighted to have added another brand to their expanding weaning offering with TumTum. Specialising in table wear that really does help little ones explore their food TumTum helps parents keep the mealtime mess to a minimum!

The Stay Put Dippy Face Plate has a clever suction base that secures it to the table for easy eating. Another truly innovative product in the range is the Tippy Up Cup; its weighted straw technology means the end can always find the contents of the cup, so it can be drunk from at any angle. Other items in the range include Swapsie Spoons and Peepo Pots – non-slip food containers that are perfect for on the go.

One of Hippychick’s bestselling brands, Bumkins, offer a wide variety of bibs and feeding accessories. This spring they have introduced new contemporary patterns including cacti, feathers and arrows– each bib is made from machine washable, stain and odour proof fabric and feature a clever catch all front pocket.

Hippychick are also UK distributors of the multi award winning weaning accessory Tidy Tot! Offering complete protection for a high chair, Tidy Tot provides an extended space for little ones to eat from whilst eliminating the gap between baby and high chair!

For more information on Hippychick’s weaning range please visit www.hippychick.com or call 01278 434440

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