Nûby™ Natural Touch™ Award-Winning Range

Nûby™ Natural Touch™ has an award-winning range of newborn products designed to make feeding easier, however mum decides to feed her baby!

For Mums that are expressing and feeding breast milk: Nûby™ Natural Touch™ Digital Electric Breast Pump - the winner of four Awards!

This is ideal for mums that are planning to express every day, it has both stimulation and expression functions: the stimulation phase helps to encourage milk let-down and the expression phase (which can be adjusted at the touch of a button for extra comfort and control) helps to collect breast milk. The digital control panel is easy to read in daylight and at night-time and has five settings for both suction and speed, to adjust to the flow rate.

The horn is made from soft silicone for added comfort (measuring 27mm diameter). The pump is a closed system, quiet and discreet, powered by electrical mains adaptor and you can purchase a separate battery pack for use away from home! And comes with the award-winning Natural Touch Bottle for easy transition between breast and bottle.

For Parents of babies that feed easily: Nûby™ Natural Touch™ Easy-Latch bottles with SoftFlex™ teats 6 pack, with free Snoozie and Ûber Soother. Natural Touch™ bottles are the winner of four Awards!

Nûby™ Natural Touch™ 6-Pack 270ml Bottles (with slow flow teats) comes with a super soft teat inspired by the shape, texture and natural flex of mum’s breast encouraging babies to latch-on more easily for a less stressful and happier feeding time.

With its wide breast like shape and unique skin like feel, the Easy Latch teat makes it easier to combine breast and bottle feeding, three advanced valves allow air to flow back into the bottle for a continuous feed and contented baby.

The set includes six feeding bottles (9oz/ 270ml) with breast like slow flow Easy Latch teats and free cuddly Snoozie and Ûber Soother (its orthodontic cherry baglet shape is easy for baby to hold in the mouth, with textures that comfort).

For Parents of babies that suffer from reflux or colic: Nûby™ Natural Touch™ 360˚ Anti-Reflux and Colic bottles

We all know how stressful it can be, trying to feed a baby that is suffering from reflux and colic symptoms. One tip from the NHS website encourages parents to “prevent your baby swallowing air by sitting or holding them upright during feeding”. But with most baby bottles it’s impossible to feed in the upright position, without tipping baby back into a reclined position, to get to the last drops of the feed.

However, help is at hand, with the launch of Nûby Natural Touch™ 360˚ that:

Reduces RefluxL as the weighted straw allows baby to feed in the upright position until the last drops of the feed.

Combats Colic: with three advanced anti-colic valves which help prevent vacuum build up inside the bottle and avoids baby swallowing air.
Allows 360˚ Any Angle Feeding: baby can latch-on at any angle around the teat and parents can feed in any position or hold that feels right.
9/10 Baby Accepted Teat: compatible with the baby-accepted multi-award winning* Natural Touch breast-like teats (2 pack at just £5.19).

In user trials 95% of Mums would recommend Nuby Natural Touch 360˚ to help prevent colic and reflux symptoms.

For sterilising all breast pumps and bottles: Nûby™ Natural Touch™ Electric Steam Steriliser & Dryer

Other electric steam sterilisers simply kill germs, leaving parents to air-dry, towel-dry or shake-dry condensation from their bottles before use. So Nûby have developed a new steriliser that also dries the bottles, at the press of a button for improved hygiene and total convenience.

Simply choose from three cycles:

  1. Sterilise (5 minutes) – using natural steam sterilisation method, 99.9% of germs are killed and the five bottles remain sterile for 24 hours (as long as the lid is left closed).
  2. Sterilise and Quick-Dry (5 minutes sterilise and 15 minutes dry) – bottles are sterilised and quickly dried . Great for time-pressed parents. 
  3. Sterilise and Super-Dry (5 minutes sterilise and 30 minutes dry) – bottles are sterilised, super-dried and ready-to-use!

Nûby™ Natural Touch™ Electric Steam Steriliser & Dryer has a totally convenient auto drying function and saves time versus air-drying bottles on a kitchen work surface or the hassle of shake-drying bottles.

As you would expect from a steriliser it is compatible with all bottle brands, uses natural steam (not chemicals) to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria and can be used to sterilise bottles (5-bottle capacity), breast pumps, soothers and other baby feeding accessories (that are suitable for steam sterilisation). It also makes a great baby shower gift!

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