Sunproof for everything the sunshine brings

February 2017, and UK retailers are looking ahead to another summer season. This summer may bring the added benefit of the return of the UK consumer choosing a staycation rather than a foreign summer holiday, and the benefit of extra EU holidaymakers

Driving around the A303 and the M5 near our Somerset base, we here at Sunproof have already noticed more Dutch, German, Belgian and French registered cars journeying down to Cornwall and Devon destinations than we did a year ago. They carry mountainbikes, kayaks, surfboards and Thule roof carriers stuffed with gear on their roofracks. The West Country has a lot to offer and it’s great to have them spend their holiday money here.

We at Sunproof have a warehouse quickly filling with the products we distribute through the summer months, and it feels like the calm before the storm.

We have beach tents, sunscreen, sunglasses, beach shoes, buggy canopies, beach umbrellas, flap hats, UV swimsuits, plus loads more ready to go out to our regular clients and the new accounts who have signed up with us.

To all of you we say, we hope you have a bumper season this year, may the staycationers and foreign holidaymakers spend freely, may the sun shine, may the tills ring, may the cashflow turn to full flow, may your website hum with a plethora of orders.

We’ll be there with whatever you need, be it orders, images, product info, pricelists, point of sale. We have 16 years experience in turning orders out very quickly to help you maximise sales during the coming season. Our warehouse is loaded and we are ready to serve.

Best wishes from Jouko and the Sunproof crew.

Contact us at, telephone 01460 258040

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