Not just inside but OUT

Prince Lion Heart have fun designing, so kids can have fun playing. They help them find a big world in a small place—go somewhere in their mind, while not going anywhere at all.

They can be at the zoo, farm, raceway, princess land, and under the sea in their own home. Better yet, parents can go with them. Prince Lion Heart playMATs make playtime anything but flat™.

All mats are made two-sided for two adventures. City on one side, Zoo on the other. An open canvas for an adventurous mind!


  • Our SQUISHIEST mat yet! Made of non-toxic and eco-friendly, cushiony foam
  • A comfy place for tummy time, toddler time, or family time
  • Double sided: One mat, two adventures
  • Rolls like a rug; take-it-with-you straps included
  • 3.4ft x 4.4ft; 10mm thick!

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