Konfidence looks ahead to the Summer of the Swim Jacket

For Konfidence 2017 is all about the ‘Summer of the Swim Jacket’, and UK and international trade sales for its multi-award winning Original Konfidence Swim Jacket are continuing to soar ready for the prime holiday season.

Max Patey of Konfidence explains the rationale behind this annual sales trend: “Over the years, our Swim Jacket has become synonymous with going on holiday – through our work with retailers, swim schools and holiday companies we’ve really pushed it to be seen as an essential piece of a child’s holiday kit for the pool or beach. This effort has resulted in the Konfidence Jacket winning numerous awards and becoming the number one learn to swim jacket with adjustable buoyancy in Europe.”

“I think it’s also important to remember that while a Swim Jacket is first and foremost designed to aid a child’s swimming ability, it is also as important for a parents’ own confidence too,” said Max. “And the feedback we receive confirms that it gives mums and dads an added level of security while on holiday as it can’t be easily removed like other swimming aids.”

“Alongside the Jacket’s easy-to-use eight removable float system, safety features like its iconic yellow high–visibility back and 100% UV protection across covered parts also add to its ‘must-have’ holiday credentials for parents,” confirmed Max. “In addition to the freedom and fun younger children get from being able to swim with older siblings in confidence and safety.”

Recently Konfidence added four new fashion-led designs to its UK range last summer; this resulted in the Cornish-based company winning Gold for Best Children’s Swimwear Brand at the prestigious 2016 Junior Design Awards – all adding to it becoming the Swim Jacket to be seen in.

These new British designs, which are being launched internationally in 2017, include beach-chic themed nautical stripes, a pink and navy Ladybird polka style and a Scoot the Clownfish character jacket. Max adds: “They now sit perfectly alongside the current range of surf-inspired patterns, sports designs and an official Octonauts- licenced Jacket to give parents with children aged 18-months to 7 years a wide selection of choice, ready for their next holiday or day out at the beach.”

For further information on the Original Konfidence Swim Jacket and Konfidence’s premium range of baby swimming and learn to swim products visit www.konfidence.co.uk, or telephone 01566 777887 or email trade-enquiries@konfidence.com to discuss retail trade opportunities.

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