Shnuggle Bath - loved by consumers and celebs!

The multi award-winning Shnuggle bath is the bath of choice when it comes to consumers and celebrities!

The gorgeous bath is designed to grow with baby and has been carefully crafted to be a safe and secure place to bath baby, providing comfort and less stress for parents!

As well as winning expert panel and consumer choice awards, Izzy Judd was recently seen with one on Twitter!

Stage 1 - Supported: Baby feels safe and secure, and after a few months giving both hands free to wash and play with baby. This makes bath time an enjoyable bonding experience.

Stage 2 - Sitting: As baby starts to sit forwards, the Bum Bump makes them feel secure while giving them a feeling of independence.

The bath is also an excellent aid for babies who may have additional needs and need more support during bath time. This support makes bath time safer and less stressful, while helping baby to continue to develop important motor skills and core strength.

Simple, safe and oh so stylish!

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