Making tub time special

The bathroom—a place to savour the soap ’staches, splish splashes, and stories from the day. It’s about removing the dirt from a day well-lived, bonding over bath toys and silly games and taking a moment to cherish the damp mop-head snuggling f

For the things floating in the tub, use the Prince Lionheart bathHAMMOCK to get tub toys up and out of the way. With stretchy material expanding to 4ft with three suction cups, the bathHAMMOCK holds up to 10 lbs (4.5kg) of toys. #4106 | RRP £8.99.

Prince Lionheart has been wanting to make bath time a little safer, but not wanting children sharing the same water with a germ magnet. The Prince Lionheart puzzle-like bathmat, with its non-slip grip and five suction cups keeping each piece securely in place, is easy to clean and anti-microbial. #7451-18 PCS | RRP £14.99

Encourage interaction between parent and child at bath time with the Prince Lionheart bathPUZZLE. A lightweight waterproof puzzle that floats on water and sticks to walls helps develop fine motor and problem solving skills. #7463 Ocean/Dino 2 pk, #7464 Zoo/Farm 2 pk | RRP £8.99.

Make tub time special with Prince Lionheart.

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