Babymoov Zero Emission Baby Camera - the 1st smart connected video baby monitor

Babymoov’s pioneering Babycamera is a unique, smart connected video baby monitor designed to provide parents with a risk-free alternative to monitoring baby.

As the name suggests, the Zero Emission Babycamera emits zero electromagnetic waves in baby’s bedroom, to create a safer environment for little ones. The PLC technology cleverly routes data through existing household electric circuits to provide a clarity‐rich, reliable, direct-to‐app feed. The Babycamera also offers parents added peace‐of‐mind, being completely data‐safe, meaning there’s zero risk of interference or interception.

At the same time, this next‐generation baby monitor comes complete with all the functionality expected of a cutting‐edge baby monitor, enabling parents to:

  • Carefully monitor and control ambient conditions for their little one thanks to temperature of the room detection and a fully-adaptable nightlight 
  • See baby in the dark of night thanks to an automatic night vision
  • Capture precious memories thanks to its high definition video record and image capture
  • Soothe from afar, with its walkie-talkie function and ability to record/upload lullabies and sounds (or to select from pre-programmed lullabies)
  • Share baby’s moments with grandparents, aunts and uncles or friends as the camera can be securely viewed remotely on more than one smartphone or tablet

Everything is monitored and controlled through a dedicated App, “My Babycamera” (available on the App Store or Google Play), making the Zero Emission Babycamera a 100% connected, and never out-of-range, baby monitor.

Sending digital quality sound and images directly to a smartphone or tablet, parents will be able to see, capture, share baby’s moments and reassure their little one whenever, wherever they want!

Babycamera: £169.99

‘My Babycamera’ App (available on the App Store and Google Play): free

For more information on the Babycamera 0% Emission, or to reserve a new catalogue, please contact: Simon Winskill, 01823 772995 -

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