Easier parenting. Easier gifts. The Taf Toys Owl Collection

With Easier Parenting solutions in mind, the Taf Toys Owl Collection makes the perfect gift range, all year round.

When it comes to Easier Sleep, the Taf Toys Musical Sleepy Pal Owl makes a delightful first toy for baby that soothes at bed-time but also entertains during the day. The stylish music unit features a nightlight that is securely tucked away inside each Sleepy Pal and can also be removed and used independently as baby grows. The music unit offers a day and night-time mode, with a range of melodies that each play for 15 minutes - just long enough for baby to drift off to sleep.

With an Easier Drive in mind, the Taf Toys Musical Car Toy Owl is not only engaging, it is also soothing. Choosing from two different options - playtime mode and soothing mode- parents can select whether to encourage activity or sleep via a small and convenient remote control. Within each mode baby can change the melody themselves making journeys smoother for all.

For Easier Development, the Taf Toys Crawl and Stack is the perfect gift for babies aged 9 months+. The brightly coloured two-in-one stacker truck and crawling aid will fascinate babies and toddlers, encouraging them to develop their motor skills as they crawl after the toy. Featuring an adorable owl driver, the stacker tower rotates gently 360 degrees when pushed, helping to teach baby about cause and effect. As baby places the rings on the detachable stacker post, it helps to strengthens hand-eye coordination and encourages the development of motor skills.


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