Gro-clock gets star review!

Joanna Taylor, former Hollyoaks actress and mum-of-two, records her journey through motherhood and offers advice for first-time mums on OK magazine’s website and gave The Gro Company’s Gro-clock and Gro Anywhere Blind a glowing review.

Joanna Taylor said; “I love my sleep but in the summer when it gets light early Mya sometimes wakes up early so the Gro Clock, £29.99, is great as it teaches her when it’s the right time to wake up.

“That said, she stayed the night with my mum recently and she woke my mum up one morning to count down the last few stars with her. Another great find has been the Gro Anywhere Blind, £29.99 as it means that Danny and I can have a lie-in too. The portable blind blacks out any window meaning that Ethan and Mya sleep that little bit later and longer.”

The Gro-clock teaches children when it’s time to get up and when it’s time to stay in bed by using fun images of the sun and star. Giving parents those precious few minutes (hopefully hours!) extra in bed. It also comes with a bedtime story book, ‘Sleepy Farm’, to help reinforce the message of getting a good night’s sleep, and now includes integral clock instructions.

One of the unique additional educational features of the new Gro-clock is that it displays the digital time so parents can actually teach children to tell the correct time – so the Gro-clock can last for years.

Now retailing at £29.95 (was £39.95) with great retailer margins gives more sleep for your customers and more profits for you!

To find out how you can stock the new Gro-clock contact your representative on 0844 5572 985.

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