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And you are?

I’ve just started my planning for Kind+Jugend and I’ve got a question to ask of all those of you who are exhibiting, but are not doing any pre-show publicity.

My question is simply this – are you so arrogant that you assume that busy buyers will come to your stand simply because you are you? Yes, it can be useful to see your existing customers all in one place and yes, they will come to your stand because you are you. But will anyone else? Isn’t the whole point of going to a trade fair to attract NEW customers? Customers who are going to spend loads of money with you over the next few years and replace those of your existing customers who choose to go elsewhere.

I can never understand the mentality of spoiling the exhibiting ship for an ‘apporth of advertising.

Let me say it again. Kind+Jugend is a VERY BIG show. No one (not even me!) will bother looking at a large number of stands; there simply isn’t enough time. But I will make a point of visiting others simply because in the lead up to the show, they have told me about themselves and their products.

There are so many new companies about whom I know nothing and I’m sure many buyers are equally ignorant. Will they, the buyers, say to themselves “Oh that’s a name I don’t know. I’ll make sure I squeeze a visit into my tight schedule, just in case!” In your dreams!!

I have to say (and believe) that spending a little with Nursery Online will bring a significant return. OK, a simple advertorial will never result in an order for a couple of containers the next day. It doesn’t work like that!! Marketing experts know that no one will order on the basis of a single mention in the trade press. It can produce some enquiries, but more often it gives an awareness of your brand. That is what is needed pre-show when buyers make a list of who to see – “BabyBloggs’ new what’s-it looks interesting; I’ll have a quick look.” Or it could be as simple as “BabyBloggs? – why have I heard of them?” giving your stand a second look. Which may be just the opportunity you need to introduce yourself and your products.

I know there’s a lot to do – but don’t waste your investment in exhibiting. For more details on what Nursery Online can offer contact Lyn on 01304 374169 or 07971 700979 or email on And do it soon before we run out of time!

- Cathy

PS: Just the one Spotlight for September and that’s on Pregnancy and Mum – those products that a mum-to-be needs to make things a lot easier. Contact Lyn on 01304 374169 or 07971 700979 or email on to find out more about how Nursery Online can help you.

Dreamgenii Pregnancy & Feeding Pillow a must-have for Mums to be

The multi-award winning Dreamgenii® Pregnancy & Feeding Pillow continues to win industry and consumer accolades as it helps more and more pregnant women get a restful, comfortable night’s sleep.

Unlike other pregnancy pillows on the market, the unique patented Dreamgenii® moulds around mum and her bump, supporting the back and knees as pregnancy progresses and sleeping becomes more difficult. The comfortable pillow also helps her to sleep onher left side which helps optimise foetal positioning for baby which encourages maximum blood flow between mother and baby.

1 in 5 pregnant women can experience Pelvic Girdle Pain, which can cause severe pain and disability. To ease symptoms, healthcare professionals often recommend sleeping on the left side with a pillow between the legs. The tail of the Dreamgenii® Pillow has been designed to neatly and compactly sit between the legs, helping to effectively align the hips and provide the necessary relief without taking all the room up in the bed!

The Dreamgenii® comes in an array of stylish designs with removable washable cotton fabric covers in fashion-led designs to complement any bedroom or nursery. There is also a sumptuous white jersey fabric which is comfortable and cool fabric, making the Dreamgenii a must-have from the second trimester onwards. Choose from grey and white floral motif and an abstract nature design in both grey/green and grey/coral. There is also a stunning geo cotton pattern in neutral grey/aqua.

For more information contact Central Medical Supplies Ltd on 01538 399541.

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Something a little different?

The beautiful, stylish, eco-friendly range from Albero Bambino is now available in the UK!

Here at Albero Bambino, we care about the environment. By the end of this year, Albero Bambino will have its environmental sustainability certified - the first baby furniture company in the world with the EPD Label ( All the materials we use, wood, metal and polyester, are fully recyclable whilst our products are designed to be disassembled, so the wood can be reused. Beech wood represents more than 90% of the materials used for our creations.

But that doesn’t mean boring furniture! Our cribs and cots are made of beech with 3D polyester mesh sides, which are breathable, hypoallergenic, flame retardant and soft like cotton;and some beautiful colours! The innovative integrated side bumper reduces the risk of SIDS. We have matching wardrobe and dresser and new for 2019 is our carefully designed highchair.

The four original colours – red, white, navy and green have been joined by Apricot, Light Blue, Plum, Brick Red and Old Rose.

Why have boring cots on the shop floor when you can have Albero Bambino?

For more information, contact – 01268 267 056

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Pop up Pregnancy Event

Warwickshire based 'Women in Business' have joined together to launch another exciting NEW pop up Pregnancy Event following the success of our first event in April.

We are a group of Warwickshire based Mums in business who have joined together to offer a "FREE Information Event" promoting local businesses that can support new parents through pregnancy and beyond..

We are really excited to be holding our second unique event on Sunday 6th October 2019 11.00 am - 4.00 pm at the Honiley Court Hotel, Honiley Road, Honiley, Kenilworth, CV8 1NP. With free admission, free goodie bag and ample free parking plus lots of amazing raffle prizes donated we hope to raise lots of money for our local maternity hospitals and charities. Please visit our Facebook page for more information about individual businesses taking part.

'Midland Mummies' is a non-profit making organisation bringing local Warwickshire based professionals together under one roof offering free advice to expectant Mums and new parents as well as supporting each other’s businesses. This event is aimed at promoting local businesses who are experts in their own field and whose main aim is to enhance parents' pregnancy and postnatal journey.

There will be Midwives, Health Visitors, nursery goods specialists, health and beauty, jewellery, unique gifts, Mum & baby classes plus live demonstrations on car seat safety, mini first aid and baby yoga, ultrasounds on the day and lots of information addressing the government's key health and and safety issues too. We will hold a raffle at each event with a gift from each exhibitor, the profit will be given to our chosen charities.

For further information on the event or if you wish to have a stand please either contact Sara Land on 07809 710655 or myself on 07496 005430

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Real insights for reusable nappies - Bambino Mio gains fruitful customer insights in partnership with C Space

This year has seen a significant increase in the use of reusable nappies, with more customers than ever before demanding product alternatives to single-use plastics; parents who do switch to reusable nappies are extremely happy with the results and enjoy the numerous benefits that reusable nappies bring.

Now there is an even bigger pool of potential customers considering this product category, Bambino Mio, market leader in reusable nappies and associated change-time essentials, has recently collaborated with customer agency C Space to help understand the barriers that some parents may be faced with when considering reusable nappies.

Bambino Mio products have grown in popularity around the world at a rapid rate so this customer insights project highlights the brand’s determination to bring the benefits of reusable nappies to an ever increasing number of parents by constantly improving customer experience, supporting retailers and continuing the brand’s mission to help increase the use of reusable nappies and other environmentally friendly baby product alternatives to single-use plastics.

Over a period of four months, C Space and Bambino Mio engaged with a variety of parents and their little ones through face-to-face focus groups, as well as engaging with an online community of parents to bring the baby brand even closer to consumers to truly understand how they can support consumers to help them overcome misconceptions about the products.

Joreen Singh, Head of Marketing at Bambino Mio, commented: "Customers are at the heart of every business decision we make so with our brand seeing rapid growth it is the perfect time to make investments into understanding our customers better. We want to be able to take our relationship with customers to the next level; understand what’s important to them, build positive emotional connections and have relevant conversations.

"We’ve explored the journey into the category, the barriers faced once there and have outlined key strategies to overcome these barriers - all within the complex framework of socio-parenting choices. Approaching this through an anthropological lens has been fruitful and insights are being utilised to shape messaging, improve customer experience and help more consumers enter the category."

The project has allowed Bambino Mio to further understand parents' priorities, to ensure that consumers have all the information needed to make an informed decision about what nappies they use, which in turn will increase the effectiveness of partner support and retailer campaigns and ultimately to ensure that parents have the best experience when it comes to the reusable nappy product category.

Neha Viswanathan, Head of Excellence for Partnerships at C Space UK, added: "The real joy of this project was helping Bambino Mio align with parents' hopes for more sustainable solutions. We know that parents have positive intentions of making better choices but in the real world, this can be hard. We worked closely with parents to uncover the emotional, financial and practical drivers that Bambino Mio can use to be more customer-centric and pathbreaking in the category. This is turn will create a deeper, more rewarding relationship between parents and Bambino Mio. We hope this relationship means a better experience for the customer – from buying reusable nappies to becoming regular users and passionate advocates of the Brand."

Bambino Mio’s passion to #makeclothmainstream via eCommerce and supporting in-store retail presence has created a fast-growing demand for their environmentally-friendly baby products and developed a loyal fan base. Utilising customer insights, the Brand will endeavour to entice more people to try reusable nappies and to make going green an even easier choice for parents across the globe!

Reusable nappies are now stocked in all major supermarkets, including Aldi, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Waitrose and many more.

Bambino Mio’s multi award-winning range of products includes reusable nappies, baby change-time accessories, swimwear and potty training essentials.

To find out more information about Bambino Mio visit

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Moccis launch two new styles for A/W 19

With fans such as Victoria Beckham, Rita Ora, Sienna Miller, Claudia Schiffer, Jamie Oliver and many more, everyone is raving about Moccis! For Autumn/Winter 2019 Moccis will be launching two new styles ICE and SUPER, which are available from this week.

Ice is a beautiful turquoise colour featuring pretty snowflakes, it is sure to be a big hit with any Frozen fans. The dark saviour will definitely be a must-have for all the super hero lovers of the world.

Moccis® are the first and only luxury hand sewn Swedish moccasins to bring fashion, function, and fun to adult and children’s indoor footwear worldwide.

Moccis are a hybrid of a sock and slipper in one, making them the perfect indoor footwear. They feature a soft leather sole that prevents you from slipping and falling down and are super soft and cozy, yet indestructible.

Here are just some of the reasons we love Moccis...

  • Machine washable leather and non-slip soles to help prevent slipping and injury.
  • The highest quality luxury materials to softly caress and comfort feet.
  • Hand sewn stitching to maintain a level of craftsmanship that makes Moccis the finest moccasin available.
  • An invisible support strap so they don’t fall off or lose their shape.
  • Stay-dry protection to keep feet warm, dry, and odour free.
  • Limited collector designs by creator and designer Anna Wetterlin.
  • Ethically produced in Sweden.

Moccis are available for babies, children and adults and come in over 30 fun designs, including more than 20 'Twinning' designs.

Prices from £25 at

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Make a splash!

Introducing the all-new fun and bright Ecosplash Jackets and All-In-Ones from Muddy Puddles - made entirely from recycled fabric.

The Ecosplash range is fully waterproof and breathable. Fashioned with Sherpa lining in the hood ensuring additional warmth and snugness they are a must have this season.

The raindrops and fossil print designs are sure to make little ones explore the outside no matter what the weather!

  • Ecosplash Fleece Lined All-In-One (Yellow Ichthyosaurus/Blue Raindrop) - £50
  • Ecosplash Fleece Lined Jacket (Yellow Ichthyosaurus/Blue Raindrop) - £45

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Celebs snoozing with Sn├╝zPod

The team at Snüz are Celeb..rating a number of exciting high profile parents who have SnüzPod as their bedside crib of choice! Ella Mills (AKA Deliciously Ella), Charley Webb and Lacey Turner have all featured SnüzPod and other Snüz products in recent weeks.

Parent favourite SnüzPod, their award-winning iconic bedside crib, has received rave reviews and was recently featured in Hello Magazine!

SnüzPod3 Bedside Crib has been expertly designed with both parents and babies in mind, with a stylish look that blends perfectly into the bedroom and the ability to keep baby close throughout the night. The SnüzPod3 boasts a unique zip-down wall that allows parents to easily comfort and feed their baby during the night. Once zipped back up, parents will feel comfortable that their baby is safe and secure, sleeping next to them in their very own sleeping space. An added reflux incline feature also helps soothe reflux symptoms, providing that extra bit of comfort when needed most. Another great benefit of SnüzPod3 is the roomier and lighter bassinet which is 20% wider yet 30% lighter, making it more spacious for baby and easier to lift and go for use around the home.

Marketing Director Mark Nicholls commented "We're delighted that Ella, Charley and Lacey are part of the ever-growing Snüz family, and are proud to be their sleep brand of choice. It's a really exciting time at Snüz, with record sales of SnüzPod and the expansion of our range to now include SnüzCloud, our new baby sleep aid."

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Transform mealtime in seconds

The Easy Up Baby Booster from leading French baby brand, Babies to Love will transform mealtimes with little ones.

Whether at home or eating out, this ingenious baby booster will help turn messy meal times into a more organised and hopefully cleaner occasion. It’s easy to unfold and set up in seconds, meaning wherever parents are, they can relax a little more when food is served.

The unique seat comes compact and folded with a handle, meaning it’s easy hand luggage and will fit underneath a buggy, on its handles, in the car boot and is easy to carry by hand as it’s lightweight.

It’s perfect for 6months plus, and holds up to 15kg. It is easy to wipe clean with it’s easy to clean waterproof fabric. Whether it’s pasta, chocolate or even time for messy play time this is the must-have item. The seat is padded to help a little one keep comfortable which will stop them from moving quite as much as dinner is served.

Little ones won’t need to balance as it straps to existing seats to make it secure, then parents can simply fasten in a child to ensure they stay safe at dinner time. Whilst you can never guarantee mess free times, this great invention ensures that the mess stays nearby, no more chocolate fingers running up the wall, onto the carpet or anywhere else little fingers can smear onto.

The Easy Up Baby Booster is available in three great designs to suit everyone, from White Stars, Blue Stripes or Pink Hearts, there's one that suits at Baby To Love for £29.95

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Will the rise of 'eco-anxiety' in kids affect your business?

In the summer issue of Total Licensing, Parents Insights spoke about kids' concern for the environment. This is a trend they have observed steadily increase over the last two years, and they are now seeing the impact this has not only on kids attitudes about the world around them, but also their behaviours and consumption patterns too.

The data has shown over the last 12 months how children, parents and families are becoming increasingly conscious of the environment, but most importantly, this is shaping their attitudes, behaviour and consumption across multiple product and service areas.

When they look to our Parents Insights data, they see the trend for ‘guilt-free’ and environmentally-friendly consumption continue, demonstrating how these concerns are increasingly felt family-wide.

At the start of last year, 1 in 4 UK children thought about the effect of their actions on the environment regularly, but the Kids Insights UK data saw this increase to 1 in 3 by the autumn.

This ‘Eco-anxiety' continues to grow amongst children and Parents Insights have seen over the last three months how 16-year-old activist Greta Thunberg has established herself as a key influencer with children.

A rise in sustainable toys is expected to help drive the educational toy segment to its projected 11% growth over the next four years and we would expect to see that there are even more significant opportunities for the licensing industry.

As the 2019 Kids Insights Future Forecast report ( predicted, increasing environmental consciousness is going to have a significant impact on packaging and it will be interesting to see how industries such as the magazine industry, for example, will adapt, as the data finds 41% of children choosing what magazine or comic to buy based on what free gift is included.

How Parents Insights can help

Listening to kids’ needs is crucial – they are arguably the most important consumer demographic and their attitudes and behaviour is having a wider impact on purchase activity. Embracing and promoting an environmentally aware stance is key, and if brands are not already incorporating this across their advertising, marketing, product development and sales strategies then they need to act fast.

Parents Insights survey more than 800 kids across the UK and US each week, as well as a further 800 throughout France, Germany, Italy and Spain, to provide statistically significant, independent data accessible in real-time through their live portal. Clients use this to gain a comprehensive understanding of their audiences’ ecosystems and get maximum return on investment across their advertising, marketing and sales strategies.

To receive a free report exploring the issues affecting this generation of kids click here.

....or to book a demo and find out how you can boost your business with real-time data and real insights, call on 0330 159 6631.

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Ticket sales ahead year-on-year for September Baby & Toddler Shows

Don't miss the opportunity to exhibit and the platform the show provides for driving direct sales with customers and generating bookings. Engage face-to-face and build brand awareness with thousands of new and expectant parents ready to touch, try and buy your products.

With only one week until the Sandown Park show kicks off our autumn season, you are almost out of time to get involved!

Our Manchester show is four weeks away and we are 85% sold out. You do not want to miss out on the only show serving the North West.

  • Sandown Park, 6 - 8 September
  • EventCity, Manchester, 27 - 29 September

We are very excited about the upcoming September shows and would love you to join us.

With high quality locations in affluent regions, free parking for all exhibitors and visitors, easy build-up and breakdown, free tea and coffee and capped categories to ensure successful trading for all, it couldn't be easier to exhibit!

Get in touch today to join our September shows at

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Buggy Heaven

So many buggies, but how do parents decide which one is right for them? The Baby Show is the UK’s largest showroom for all things buggies – with prams, pushchairs, strollers, travel systems, there’s something for suit everyone’s taste and budget.

Parents can watch demos, talk to the brands direct and even better, take advantage of show offers and discounts.

At the show parents can test, try and buy from all the leading brands including iCandy, Stokke, CYBEX, Bugaboo, Silver Cross, Babyzen, Chicco, Joie, Peg Perego, Ingelsina, Babystyle, Cosatto, Egg, Hybrid, Oyster, Jane, Joolz, Mee-go, Mercedes-Benz-Hartan, Mountain Buggy, Mima, Mutsy, Noordi, Obaby, Phil & Teds, Quinny, Roma, Thule, Tutti Bambini and Venicci.

They'll also discover innovative NEW brands such as Junior Jones, Ark, Didofy and Hamilton.

Plus, they can test drive the brand new CYBEX e-PRIAM – powering parents to glide up and down hills with ease! Click here to watch just how easy the CYBEX e-PRIAM is to control.

To help parents make their choice, there’s also the new and improved MadeForMums Buggy Testing Track, where they can test out a range of buggies on various terrains and chat to the knowledgeable team at MadeForMums to make sure they get the right one for their needs.

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