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Adorable Archie was the headline in one newspaper as the first pictures of the newest Royal baby were published.

Many of our readers will be feeling the same – and it’s not just his cuteness. He may be only a few days old but inevitably he will be heavily influencing our industry. Many companies have brought out products, or put a royal slant on existing products to capture the inevitable interest.

Inevitably we will see lots of new babies called Archie, bringing the name back into fashion. We will also see a massive interest in any baby product that might be associated with him. The early pictures showed only one product – the shawl he was wrapped in. And the media was quick to identify it as one provided by GH Hurt & Son – a merino wool “leaves and flowers baby shawl”. Doubtless we will see other baby products in the next few weeks and months.

The choice of what he wears and what he sleeps in and is carried in will make a big impression in our industry as many parents will want to copy.

Maybe he’ll turn out to be thoroughly American, in which case, look out for a surge of interest in American brands. Or maybe he’ll be traditional with lots of British brands making the headlines. Whichever, celebrity babies can only be a force for good in our industry!

- Cathy

PS: Our May Spotlights continue with Car Seats with a copy date of the 13th – that’s Monday. After that we have Safety in the Home with a copydate of the 27th.
And don’t forget that you can also tell the consumer about these products through our sister site – And, of course, telling the trade and then the consumer is the perfect way of getting your message out there!

Finally, next week will also see our monthly International newsletter, so send us your press releases – and get your brand known by a wider audience! Let me have any copy asap please!

ClevaMama® – Simple support, creative solutions

We’ve got a great new look, but our mission hasn’t changed. We’ve gone back to our roots to celebrate what ClevaMama® is all about – Simple support and creative solutions to help parents make the most of those special moments.

We are on the side of parents, we’ve been through the tough times and the fun times, and we know how hard and rewarding being a parent can be. We don’t judge parents or force our opinions on them; we know that all you need to do to be a great parent is trusting your instincts and listen to your heart. We pride ourselves on being like that extra pair of hands parents crave to get them through bath time, bedtime and right through the night. From 7pm to 7am, ClevaMama®’s got it covered to help parents on their journey towards a safe and peaceful night’s sleep.

Check out our exciting new range of products at

For more information contact us on +353 1 8770724 or by email


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Take bathtime to new depths with Infantino

Infantino, the brand behind smartly designed products for happy parenting, is thrilled to unveil three new bath toys set to make a splash this summer!

Introducing Glowing Jelly Lights, Tub O’ Fun and the Jumbo Sea Squirt Fish, three cleverly designed toys that promise to bring a whole lot of fun to bathtime!

Little ones will be gleaming with joy when they see the Glowing Jelly Lights set the tub alight. The multi-textured jelly fish light up when they are submerged in water, creating a unique sensory experience. The colourful creatures bob around on the water keeping little one’s company at bathtime!

The brand-new Jumbo Sea Squirt Fish will also join little ones at bathtime this season! With the cheeky orange fish being able to spray, squirt and splash it guarantees plenty of giggles! Thanks to its thoughtful design, there are no teeny holes for water to get stuck in, parents can pull it apart to dry and clean, preventing the build-up of mould and mildew.

Finally, there is the super fun Senso Tub O’ Fun. Complete with four squirting aquatic bath toys, including a turtle, octopus, seahorse and frog, little ones will be diving to new depths! Each character’s body is interchangeable, allowing baby to create his own exotic sea life - ideal for developing little one’s imagination! Also, like their jumbo fish pal, they are easily pulled apart to keep dry and mould free. The fabulous squirting friends come packaged in a transparent aquarium with four holes at the bottom to keep the container dry, making them perfect for storing in the bathroom

Commenting on the new bath toys Nivi Bhide, Marketing Director at Infantino, said: “I am a huge fan of our new colourful and characterful bath toys! As always with Infantino, our products are made to encourage learning and to develop little one’s senses and we are very confident this new trio of products will do just that at bathtime!”

For retail enquiries, please contact Jérôme Lomer, Senior National Sales Director at Infantino on 07921 212072 or email

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Progressive Preschool Awards move to The Grosvenor House Hotel

Leading industry accolades The Progressive Preschool Awards will be moving to The Grosvenor House Hotel, in protest at the anti-human rights legislation which has recently been passed by the Sultan of Brunei.

The new laws – which order a violent death penalty for same-sex intercourse and amputation of the hands or feet for theft – have been the subject of much controversy. The Sultan’s sovereign wealth fund the Brunei Investment Agency owns a number of luxury hotels, including The Dorchester – which has been home to the Progressive Preschool Awards since its inception in 2013.

“There was no question that we would not reflect the humanity and compassion of the preschool industry by moving the awards to a new location,” said director Rob Willis. “As a company, we absolutely do not tolerate any form of discrimination or prejudice and we cannot support the regime behind this legislation, no matter how indirectly. Indeed the point is that awards reflect an industry, and this industry is not about discrimination.”

The awards will now be held in The Ballroom at Park Lane’s Grosvenor House Hotel on Tuesday 5 November – two days earlier than previously scheduled.

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Musical Mayhem

Meet Madeleine, Luca, Achille, Vincent and Jean, an adorable and loveable collection of musical animals from Baby To Love. Each characterful music box is both easy and manageable to handle thanks to their super soft texture and rounded form.

This object of decoration is available in a selection of calming and soothing pastel tones that are sure to take centre stage in any little one's nursery.

From each animal enjoy a different soothing melody. Once each of the pull cords have been activated from underneath each of the animals, the musical notes will begin to play, including Madeleine the Whale who plays Swan Lake, Jean the Toucan who flies in the sky Over the Rainbow and Achille the Crocodile a romantic reptile who plays for Elise.

There is something for every parent, child’s taste and musical preferences, all of which help to stimulate curiosity and a baby’s sensory development of vision, hearing and tactility.

Beautifully crafted from start to finish each of the Musical Animals would make a wonderful gift idea, for an upcoming baby shower or first birthday party.

Specialising in creation of original, innovative and trend-led baby products to provide a helpful hand throughout every moment of baby's life, look no further than Baby To Love. Designed and developed in France, Baby To Love are committed to the quality and safety of their products, to achieve only the best results.

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Fire up the tractor, we’re going on an eco adventure

Potty training can be an exciting and somewhat daunting time for parents and their little ones, but with the right products, potty training can be a breeze.

During 2018, potty training pants were one of Bambino Mio’s top three selling SKUs, accounting for a good percentage of total product sales. For 2019, the brand predicts continued growth for the product category due to the launch of new designs and increased consumer demand for reusable product alternatives to single-use plastics.

On the 6th May, Bambino Mio launched a new trend-led collection of potty training pants called Farmyard Friends.All designs will be available in three sizes, RRP £5.49.

Perfect for little adventurers ready to get stuck into potty training, the new collection embodies all of the fun and bustling elements of farmyard life and features four playful designs, including puddle pigs, moo meadow, hen house and farmer friends as well as two new solid colours, ruby and teal.

Head of Product at Bambino Mio, Carly Baillie commented: “We’re really building on our product range this year and believe that collection growth has played a key role in encouraging more parents to opt for environmentally friendly products for their children, resulting in a reduction of single-use plastic waste. Recent sales of NPD have been extremely positive and exceeded performance targets.”

Due to the pull-up style design and the fact that the soft cotton-blend fabric makes them feel like real pants, these products are great for promoting independence. The concealed water-resistant layer in Bambino Mio’s potty training pants is ideal for containing little accidents but still allowing toddlers to feel wetness, while minimising the need for outfit changes.

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Fantastic results for MAM in latest GFK data

Comparing Quarter 1 2018 to Quarter 1 2019, MAM bottles and teats have grown 12% in volume and 30% in value!

This growth in value sales has also seen our market share grow to 21.3%; an increase from 15.6%!

In soothers ,MAM’s growth has been static in volume, but our value sales are up 11%, and have a 32.4% market share!

This is up 3% vs. Q1 last year.

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Hasbro reveals new Moon and Me toy collection

Hasbro, Inc. has revealed its Moon and Me toy collection, based on the CBeebies series by Andrew Davenport.

The new product line, which will be available in the UK on 18th July 2019 from Amazon, Smyths, Argos and other major retailers, features Moon and Me’s lovable characters, Pepi Nana, Moon Baby, Mr. Onion, Sleepy Dibillo, and Colly Wobble across a range of figures, plush and playsets.

Little ones will love snuggling with their Pepi Nana or Moon Baby Moon and Me Talking Plush. By pressing the character's tummy, or giving them a hug, preschoolers will hear fun sounds and phrases from the TV series. The characters’ signature noise and other memorable expressions are sure to delight toddlers, making them a great friend to take on the go or play with while watching the programme.

The soft and fun Moon and Me Plush Toys will allow kids to imagine their own Moon and Me inspired adventures. They're a great size for little hands to hug and hold at 20 centimeters tall. The Moon and Me Plush Toys are available across the core cast, featuring Pepi Nana, Moon Baby, Mr. Onion, Sleepy Dibillo, and Colly Wobble.

Preschoolers and toddlers over 18 months old can practice tucking their little plush toy friends into bed with the Moon and Me Goodnight Pepi Nana 34 cm Talking Plush Doll. By squeezing the Pepi Nana doll, kids will hear her say 12 signature sleepytime phrases and sing a song from the Moon and Me television series. An 8.5cm Little Nana comes attached to Pepi Nana's dress and fits right in her pocket. The blanket also makes snuggle time oh-so-sweet for both of these adorable friends.

Preschoolers will be able to bring home their favourite characters and recreate Toy House and Storyland adventures from the television series with the Moon and Me Single Figures. These easy-grasp figures are great for little hands to hold and play as children imagine the love, laughter and friendship found in the dreamy, caring world of Moon and Me.

The Moon and Me Take and Go Toy House Playset allows children aged 18 months and up to explore fun take and go play as they dream about toys who come to life when the moon shines in the series. They can use their imagination and engage in screen-free fun with this playset, which also has space for up to six figures. When the fun is done for the day, kids can close up the Toy House and carry it along with the convenient handle.

Each Moon and Me Toy Figure and Vehicle set features one of the beloved toy characters from the television series and their signature vehicle. Each vehicle also has a fun feature for example, kids can move the hook and shovel up and down on Mr. Onion's Bumper Roller, or they can bump the front of Colly Wobble's car for a fun surprise! The easy-grasp plastic figure is great for little hands to hold and play.

Moon and Me was developed by Andrew Davenport, the creator of award-winning global preschool franchises Teletubbies and In the Night Garden. Inspired by well-loved tales of toys that come to life when nobody is looking, Moon and Me

 is the comical story of a special friendship between two characters from completely different worlds. Moon and Me combines the latest production methods with traditional storytelling, comedy and music to create a beautifully constructed picture-book world especially for today’s preschoolers.

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Bababing! take to airwaves to defend against Aldi copycat changing bags

Recently Snoozeshade spoke out about Aldi’s copyright infringements and now it’s BabaBing! taking their case to the media vowing to take their fight all the way to ensure small businesses are protected against large retailers copying products.

The Yorkshire-based company began their legal battle back in January and will continue to publicise their David & Goliath battle.

Appearing on the Victoria Derbyshire Show, Nick Robinson, MD at BabaBing! demonstrated the startling similarities between the BabaBing Mani Backpack with the Aldi version which retailed at £17.99. Speaking to the presenter, Nick explained that by copying the products designed by small businesses, Aldi are not only affecting immediate sales but also future business development.

The Mani Backpack is one of BabaBing!’s most popular lines and features unique elements developed by the award-winning design team including the super-sized changing mat. The Aldi version replicates the dimensions of the mat as well as featuring the signature striped linking and the insulated bottle holder.

Nick Robinson said: “By copying the products of hard-working, innovative small businesses like BabaBing! and Snoozeshade, Aldi are not only affecting sales they are also impacting on future business growth in terms of employing new staff and expanding our ranges.

Aldi have said that they wish to meet and discuss the issue but we are determined to fight our case not just to protect our personal reputation and brand but also to show other small nursery businesses that they don’t have to just accept that this kind of behaviour is part and parcel of developing a nursery brand.”

BabaBing! will also appear on regional TV news programme Look North as well as BBC Radio Leeds and are filming at their new offices with The One Show this week.

For further information, please contact BabaBing! on 01535 606 871

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Book now for B Magazine's "Vitality" Summer issue

Our Summer issue will be published on 1 June and you can reach 40,000 UK-wide affluent mums-to-be who choose private maternity care and who are looking for products during pregnancy.

B is the only magazine to specifically put magazines into the hands of pregnant women from early in pregnancy, when vital purchasing decisions are being made.

Features coming up in this issue include:

  • Baby wearing - how to wear baby safely and comfortably plus ten of the best slings and carriers.
  • Pregnancy exercise - how to stay fit while expecting and keep on exercising after the birth too.
  • Nursery decor - base a nursery on the style of a famous artist and buy the best nursery furniture.
  • The best pushchairs for all surfaces, whether it's the city, country, hills, sandy beaches or off-road.
  • Our pick of the best car seats - the best and safest seats for babies and small children.
  • Maternity fashion focuses on garments to be treasured. For kids, it's bright prints and block colours.
  • Babymoon and Holiday with Babies and Children - the best locations that really look after pregnant women and families with small children

Stocked at prestigious partners like The Portland Hospital, The Lindo Wing, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, private Harley Street cinics, scanning clinics, upmarket baby boutiques, Harrods and over 110 of the top UK nursery independent stores, B is given directly into the hands of pregnant women and new mums by healthcare professionals and trusted experts.

We have also partnered with the Norland Nannies, who will each receive two copies; one for themselves to keep up to date with baby care and what products to buy and one to pass on to their exclusive clients.

Reasons to book with B:

  • Nationwide coverage of the luxury parenting market
  • Brexit-proof readership; readers can afford all or part of their birth privately
  • Gorgeous magazine with excellent and helpful content and luxe shopping pages
  • Booking ensures editorial coverage
  • Copy deadline 20 May

Call 07790 992797 or email

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A perfect partnership for BÉABA

Multi-award-winning weaning and feeding brand BÉABA, has teamed up with UK specialist registered dietitian and media spokesperson, Nichola Ludlam-Raine to help parents during the weaning process, together with promoting the health and nutrition benefits of homecooked foods.

The published author and resident expert dietitian for BBC Breakfast, who can regularly be seen sharing her nutrition knowhow to the nation on the infamous ‘red couch’ is partnering with Beaba to provide advice, information and further insight, as she herself embarks on her weaning journey in May.

The weaning process is an important time for laying down the foundations for a lifetime of healthy eating. In partnership with Beaba, the health and mummy blogger will create useful, step-by-step weaning videos. These will provide practical tips for parents and will be supported with insightful and helpful blog guides to common weaning concerns, plus easy to follow recipes.

Nichola Ludlam-Raine said: “Moving away from milk to feeding an increasingly hungry baby can be one of the biggest challenges parents face every day, especially when trying to provide healthy meals quickly. I am delighted to be working with Beaba during this exciting milestone for my son, Henry. It’s my passion to create delicious and nutritious food combinations for myself so I am so excited to be able to now do this for him!

“I want to inspire parents to use different (but affordable) ingredients, flavours and textures at mealtimes and not to be scared to experiment! Having the right equipment in place is so important. Not only will it make life easier, products such as the Beaba Babycook NEO helps you to retain all the valuable vitamins and minerals that can be lost during the cooking process so showing parents how to manage this is going to be a huge focus for me.”

Discussing the partnership, Natalie Jackson, VP Sales & Marketing Manager, Beaba UK commented: “At Beaba we are passionate about promoting healthy eating habits for families. As Nic is an expert dietitian, as well as a parent embarking on her own weaning journey for the first time, she is perfectly positioned to give real life, real time insight during this important time. Our Babycook NEO has been developed to help make parent’s lives easier, whilst retaining those all-important vitamins and minerals.

For trade enquiries contact:

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MerryGoRoundUK turn it up with new wooly organic backyard family range

Baby and children’s clothing and accessory specialist MerryGoRoundUK has launched the Wooly Organic Backyard Family range of soft toys.

The new products include the Comforter series, which each feature a different animal; a bunny, a cat, a mouse and a sheep. The Comforter measures 25cm x 30cm and include cuddly fluffy velour bellies. The creature can even hold a baby's dummy in its tail so baby will have a comforter and dummy holder all in one.

These four characters are also reflected in an adorable Crinkle toy with rustling foil so it makes a sound when baby scrunches it up; the perfect stimulant for sensory learning. The Crinkle toy is a natural teether and also includes a handy, removable maple wood ring ideal for little hands to clutch and bite.

MerryGoRoundUK are the sole UK distributors of Wooly Organic’s modern and minimalistic toys which are 100 per cent GOTS certified organic fabrics and plush with a biodegradable Corn Fibre fill. The products are also free from harmful chemicals, toxins, herbicides and pesticides, as well as being machine washable.

Caroline Taylor, managing director from MerryGoRoundUK, said: “We’re delighted to launch the new Backyard Family range of Wooly Organic toys. The brand has a loyal and growing following due to the fact that as well as being very soft and cuddly for little hands, they are made from 100 per cent organic cotton fabric. As well as these materials being super soft, they are safe and irritant free ideal for baby's sensitive skin.

“Both the new products in the Wooly Organic Backyard Family range are suitable from birth and would make ideal baby shower presents and even work in cases where the gender remains a secret as they are gender neutral. These toys have a timeless appeal and are unisex, created with simplicity and durability.”

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It's a boy! Whisbear sends a gift to newest Royal Baby

Whisbear, a company that helps babies sleep better with its cuddly and intelligent baby soothers, has prepared a very special gift to celebrate the birth of the first baby of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex.

To celebrate the arrival of Archie, Whisbear has sent the newest Royal its E-zzy the Sloth - a 2018 JPMA Innovation Award finalist from The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.

E-zzy the Sloth is the first huggable IoT sleep machine that combines three functions in one toy: a baby soother with CrySensor, sleep monitor and parent assistant with a knowledge base in the free Whisbear app.

The news about the birth soon brought remarkable memories of the Whisbear story and its connections to the British Royal Family. “It all started almost four years ago when Princess Charlotte was born and we sent our Whisbear Humming Bear to Kensington Palace. A wonderful follow-up happened in 2017 when we met Princess Kate and Prince William personally. It was during this meeting that the Duchess thanked us for the gift for her daughter,” recalls Julia Sielicka, co-founder of Whisbear.

That’s also when Kate said to her husband: “We just have to have more babies!” – the words that made headlines all over the world putting Whisbear in the spotlight. A few weeks later, Kensington Palace announced that Kate was expecting her third child.

“We are thinking a lot about Meghan Markle and the excitement of being the first-time parent. As much as it is absolutely wonderful to take care of a newborn, it can be extremely exhausting at times,“ says Zuzanna Sielicka, co-founder of Whisbear. “When my first son had colic, I spent countless hours trying to pacify him and thinking how to help babies to sleep more peacefully so that parents can also have some rest.” This is how the company was born.

Whisbear sends their congratulations to The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, on the birth of their baby boy!

Whisbear is distributed in the UK by bébélephant.

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Cheeky Chompers announce partnership with The White Company

Cheeky Chompers, the multi award-winning brand behind the original chewy dribble bib, the Neckerchew, is thrilled to announce it has partnered with global lifestyle brand The White Company.

This exciting collaboration sees two exclusive products launching in store and online at the White Company this May. Cheeky Chompers innovative Neckerchew and MultiMuslin products have been designed in The White Company’s effortlessly stylish signature scattered star print on a crisp white background, in 100% organic Muslin.

Following its successful partnership with Joules, Cheeky Chompers founders Amy Livingstone and Julie Wilson couldn’t be happier to have partnered with another inspiring brand. Speaking about how the collaboration started, Julie said: “We were introduced to Chrissie, The White Company’s Founder, after winning the Natwest’s Everywoman Awards last year. After giving her a background of our brand story and telling her about our business, we sent her samples and were delighted with the positive response we got! The White Company team loved the innovation and quality of our products and even better, felt they were a great fit with the iconic Little White Company brand. It was such a thrill to work with the design team on two of our flagship products; it has been fantastic for this partnership to evolve!”

The range will be stocked in The White Company stores and online at

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