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Since coming back from Cologne, I've been very busy. It seems that my To Do list grows daily. Can I actually DO everything on there? Probably not! I'm sure many of you are in the same position – we all have too much to do!

But does this mean we can ignore politeness? If we get an email or a voice mail, believe it or not, it means someone is actually waiting for a reply! Some action, whether it's simply planning for the future, or an intention to buy is on hold, waiting for your response. And your delay in replying adds yet another little item onto THEIR To Do List. Has so and so responded? No? Leave yet another message on their voice mail, compose yet another email!

Why has it now become acceptable to say 'Sorry I didn't reply sooner but I've been so busy. Busy, busy, busy!'

Maybe it's better to respond immediately with 'Sorry, you are not important enough to ever get to the top of my To Do list, so don't expect a reply!' Then at least everyone knows where they stand; the original enquirer can buy elsewhere; the receiver can have a shorter list. They could even automate the whole process: autorespond on their email, a sharp 'don't leave a message' on their answerphone...

Would save them plenty of time, especially if they get the same response when they try and contact someone!!

We wouldn't have much of an industry left, but hey! We might actually get to the bottom of that To Do list!!

- Cathy

PS: Our next Spotlight is Health & Toothcare. There’s lots of things parents could buy, including things like nasal aspirators! Crazy but oh so useful with a sniffling toddler! Need advertorial copy by Monday – pretty please! Don’t make us chase!!!!

Car seats & Accessories is next!! NOTE THAT THIS IS EARLIER THAN APPEARS ON OUR PREVIOUS SCHDULE!!!!! Copydate is 29th October and Swaddling now has a copydate of 10 December!!

Full speed ahead to Harrogate

With a successful Kind+Jugend now firmly under its belt, the UK’s nursery industry is concentrating on the next important annual trade event with bookings for Harrogate International Nursery Fair in March 2019 steadily flowing in.

Last year, the show enjoyed a refreshed layout utilising new halls of the Harrogate Convention Centre and, because of this, almost all of the major names there this time have rebooked their positions again.

Hauck has confirmed its unique outside facing stand position in the Kings Suite and Hall G is already almost sold out. Favourite companies returning to this hall include BabyStyle, Bebecar, Cuddles Collection, Obaby, Red Kite and Rosy Fuentes to name just a few.

Hall Q welcomes the return of Cheeky Rascals, Peg Perego, UPPAbaby, Shnuggle, Sheldon and Slumberland; plus, new for 2019, Baby Travel UK and Unilove Baby with Mee-go. Roma Prams launched its range at Harrogate for the first time this year and has also confirmed its stand for 2019. Emma Charlesworth of the company explains: “We chose Harrogate as our first trade exhibition and were overwhelmed with support from the independent sector. We signed up for next year as we can see the value that this show offers to both exhibitors and visitors.”

The New Product Showcase zone was a hugely popular fresh feature this year, giving visitors and buyers a heads-up on the best new launches at the show and helping draw attention to those who had not exhibited before. Any company wanting to gain prominent attention for innovative new products are recommended to secure a slot in this area early as spaces sold out quickly for the 2018 show.

Adrian Sneyd, show organiser, urges companies interested in participating to secure their stand space early commenting: “With last year’s new layout requiring some time to set up and communicate out to everyone we are very pleased with the response so far but would now urge companies still planning to exhibit to get in touch as soon as possible so they can get the best choice of stands still available.”

For more information and booking forms, visit or contact Adrian directly on 01902 880906 or email:

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All is calm, all is bright with a Christmas launch from BABYZEN

BABYZEN delivers baskets of joy this Christmas with a festive game-changer: the YOYO+ bag. This ingenious multipurpose bag will make light work of Christmas shopping trips for the growing family!

Introducing the unique, YOYO+ bag for the YOYO+ stroller, its effortless ease of use, coupled with its sizable shopping chamber, will restore stylish zen like calm to the bustling Christmas high streets with baby in tow.

Striking just the right balance to maintain the stroller's legendary stability and manoeuvrability, YOYO+ can still be steered using only one hand. This practical yet stylish stroller bag hooks onto the YOYO+ stroller within seconds and will do away with strollers that tip over under the weight of bags dangling from the handlebar!

Constantly on the lookout for innovations that make life simpler for parents, BABYZEN has invented the multipurpose YOYO+ bag, to ease their daily load. Whether it's the weekly shopping, a pack of bottled water, soft toys or an extra set of clothes, the YOYO+ bag effortlessly carries up to 10 extra kilos, thanks to its rolling base.

The YOYO+ bag attaches and is adjusted from the top, making it adaptable either to the newborn 0+ version of the YOYO+ stroller, the BABYZEN car seat, or the 6+ stroller version, from 6 months of age.

Easy-to-remove thanks to its instant connection, the wheeled platform does not prevent the stroller from being folded and unfolded when not in use, and can be folded or stowed away in the basket to save space.

Fitted in this way, YOYO+ can hold 18 kg in the stroller, 5 kg in the basket and 10 kg using the YOYO+ bag. Altogether, 33 weightless kilos.

It comes in a choice of BABYZEN colours to match the stroller design: Ginger (pictured), Peppermint, Air France Blue, Black, Grey, Red and Taupe and is machine washable at 30°C.

The YOYO+ bag RRP is £84.95 and launches exclusively at John Lewis from 10.10.18 to 21.11.18, after which it will be widely available at national and independent retailers.

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Successful shows for Dreambaby®

Dreambaby® has returned from two fantastic back-to-back shows - ABC Kids Expo and our busiest and most successful show at K+J!

We had a record number of footfall on our booth from countries all around the world. From existing National Retailers and lots of fantastic new prospect customers, 2019 is shaping up to be another fantastic year for the Dreambaby® team!

Our internationally renowned child safety brand Dreambaby® is available in more than 100 countries. We pride ourselves on manufacturing top quality, durable, and cost-effective items to ensure safety, health, and comfort for every young family. Dreambaby® celebrated 20 years selling Child Safety products this year!

Email for further information

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Pretend to Bee Buzzing with Excitement!

Renowned fancy dress manufacturer Pretend to Bee have a wide range of products that are popular with parents and now they add a celebrity fan.

This weekend, former McFly lead and children’s author Tom Fletcher took to his social media channels to post a video of himself singing accompanied by his eldest son Buzz.

As well as an impressive vocal range like his father, Buzz opted to wear Pretend to Bee’s popular Natural History Museum T-Rex costume for the rendition. With 1.6 million followers on Instagram, the video has so far been viewed 517,610 times with Pretend to Bee noticing a spike in sales since the broadcast.

Kate Skitt, Marketing Manager at Pretend to Bee comments: “The Natural History Museum collection is one of our most popular collections and so we were absolutely delighted to see Buzz Fletcher wearing the T-Rex costume especially as he seemed fascinated by the details on the dress up outfit. We noticed a shift in sales almost immediately and with Christmas on the horizon, we know that this costume and others in that range will continue to sell quickly as the big day approaches.”

For further information, please contact Pretend to Bee on 0115 921 5690

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Munchkin goes wild

Munchkin, the award-winning, global baby product company, announces a unique new partnership, including a donation, with the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW).

To launch the partnership, Munchkin has re-designed its much-loved, #1 selling Miracle® 360° Cup, featuring animals currently endangered or under threat including the African Elephant, Polar Bear, Red Fox and Orca.

The new Conservation Cups come complete with child-friendly stories and information about each of the featured animals, including key facts about the conservation challenges these animals face. Through the introduction of these Conservation Cups, Munchkin hopes to inspire conversations amongst families about the importance of protecting animals and preserving natural habitats. As one of the world’s largest baby care companies, Munchkin has embarked on a long-term commitment to supporting the welfare of our planet and creating a more sustainable future for our children. Children have a natural love for animals and through the Conservation Cups, Munchkin hopes to nurture this love whilst feeding their imaginations.

The Munchkin African Elephant Miracle® 360° Conservation Cup
Poachers have killed more than 100,000 African elephants in the last decade. Elephants help balance the other species in their ecosystem,
including opening-up forest land to create firebreaks and grasslands, digging to create water access for other animals, and leaving nutrients in
their wake.

Munchkin’s new Elephant Cup has been created to celebrate the African Elephant and encourage families across the world to help protect them by raising awareness of the illegal and dangerous ivory poaching trade. IFAW’s work begins with the on-the-ground rescue, rehabilitation and eventual release of orphan elephants back into the wild. The organization also actively works to stop the illegal practice of poaching through its innovative network and conservation programs across Africa and is tireless in its efforts to change legislation and help eliminate illegal ivory products around the world.

The Munchkin Polar Bear Miracle® 360° Conservation Cup
Climate change is heating up the Arctic faster than anywhere else, shrinking sea ice 14% per decade. Ice is breaking up sooner in the spring
and forming later in the fall, forcing polar bears to burn huge amounts of energy walking or swimming long distances to get to any remaining ice. Or they stay on land longer, spending the summer, and sometimes even into the fall, fasting and living off their fat, eventually starving.

Munchkin’s new Polar Bear Cup has been designed to help raise awareness of the threats to polar bears from catastrophic climate change, illegal hunting and exploitation. IFAW explores new ways to protect marine mammals such as the polar bear and its habitat. IFAW’s dual focus on welfare and conservation promotes healthy populations by sustaining habitats and protecting individual animals at risk.

The Munchkin Red Fox Miracle® 360° Conservation Cup
Globally more than 50 million animals, including foxes, are raised on fur farms or trapped in the wild to be killed for their pelts every year. There are more than 91 fox farms in North America alone which are responsible for over 6,500 pelts a year. In creating a new cup featuring the glorious Red Fox, Munchkin hopes to help put an end to this cruel practice by encouraging awareness among families and avoid purchasing any products made with fur, including fur trim.

The Munchkin Orca Miracle® 360° Conservation Cup
Around 3,000 whales and dolphins are held in aquaria, zoos and marine parks. Captive whales and dolphins suffer mental, emotional and physical
stress that can weaken their immune systems and make them prone to disease. Most orcas in captivity today die in their late teens and early
twenties with only a handful making it past 30 – far below their age range in the wild. The pledged donation of $1,000,000 to the Whale Sanctuary Fund will help establish a model seaside sanctuary where whales and dolphins can live in an environment that is as close as possible to their natural habitat.

Munchkin is continually trying to reduce the environmental impact of its products, and so have worked to ensure the packaging for the Conservation Cup is made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials and eco-friendly inks, to support the health and happiness of all precious creatures on Earth.

To learn more or donate visit and

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Run Nikki! Run!

Aqua Wipes’ Nikki Primarolo takes part in the Great North Run and raises £500 for St. Gemma's Hospice.

In memory of her beloved father Nikki, from York, ran the 13-mile Great North Run, alongside more than 57,000 runners, who also took part in the world's biggest half-marathon. Giving the likes of Mo Farah a run for his money, Nikki proudly finished in two hours and 10 minutes.

Dr Mark Little, Founder of Aqua Wipes said: “We are all extremely proud of Nikki’s achievements and her ability to push herself to accomplish great things.”

Nikki Primarolo, Stock Controller at Aqua Wipes, commented: “My Dad spent time in a hospice in my home town of Shrewsbury and I wanted to do this in memory of him. St Gemma’s Hospice in Leeds has always been close to my heart, my Gran volunteered there so it’s nice to give something back for all the amazing work they do. Bring on the Great North Run 2019!”

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Autumn is Awesome with LittleLife

This October, LittleLife, specialists in great outdoor gear for families, is asking young families across the UK to #packitallin and enjoy and share the awesomeness of autumn.

LittleLife’s Autumn is Awesome campaign sees the brand team up with leading social influencers to bring the beauty of the changing seasons to families with young children.

In the lead up to the October half term, across all of its social platforms, the brand will share tips and advice on places to go this autumn; simple but gorgeous outdoor autumnal activities; as well as a competition to win LittleLife’s leading toddler backpacks and a family photoshoot.

Dan Marett, sales and marketing director at LittleLife, said: “LittleLife is committed to exploration, discovery and helping children enjoy the great outdoors. We have a fab range of toddler backpacks and carriers to help families do this. Autumn is a time of year when we welcome longer shadows, burgeoning fruit trees, the first crackle of an open fire. There’s endless fun to be had and LittleLife wants to support families to get out there and have it.”

To find out more about the Autumn is Awesome campaign, visit:
Twitter, Facebook: @LittleLifeUK
Instagram: littlelifeuk

To find out more about LittleLife’s extensive range of toddler backpacks that make enjoying the outdoors easy, visit:

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Little ones bring a buddy along for scooting fun with Scootaseatz

Scootaheadz is thrilled to expand its popular range of scooter accessories with the launch of the utterly unique Scootaseatz!

Conveniently fitting all scooter brands and a selection of bikes and trikes, Scootaseatz encourage outdoor play and creativity, enabling children to strap in their favourite cuddly toy and take them along for the adventure.

Available in two colours, pink and aqua, Scootaseatz are the ideal gift this Christmas. Incorporating a fun owl design, the scooter accessories are great to involve in imaginative play. The user-friendly design fastens to any scooter with easy-to-use velcro straps so children can easily switch between their favourite Scootaheadz or Scootaseatz accessory.

The Scootaheadz core range is also continuing to grow, introducing two new unicorn designs, Bella and Elsa, as well as Surfing Sammy the shark. The new designs are a welcome addition to the collection, which has proven popular with parents across the UK; its iconic designs include Timmy T-Rex the dinosaur and Pippa Pony.

Founder of Scootaheadz, Stephanie Westphal, commented: “We are so pleased to see our exciting and colourful range of scooter accessories expand once again in the UK market. Our core values are rooted in inspiring children to get outdoors and play and so we are thrilled to provide more options for our customers this Christmas. We hope that our new Scootaseatz will spark little one’s imaginations, enabling them to create new stories and adventures with their favourite toys!”

Trade Enquiries: Visit or call Stephanie Westphal on 07971 789767

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Boots takes on RaZbaby!

On 15th October Boots officially launches RaZbabys Keep-It-Kleen Pacifiers (distributed by Hippychick) into 226 stores throughout the UK. RaZbaby Keep-It-Kleen pacifiers are the only pacifier on the market that automatically closes when it hits the ground.

The orthodontic nipple adapts easily to baby's natural sucking action and will not damage their developing mouth. The silicone nipple is non-toxic, odourless and easy to clean and does not retain stain or residue. Each pacifier comes with an attached shield which snaps shut the moment it's dropped. The first 21st Century pacifier.

Also new at Hippychick...

Tum Tum Baby Weaning Set
Allowing babies to feed themselves and explore new foods has to be a good thing, and making it fun with foodie faces - even better! The Tum Tum Dippy Face Plate has a clever double sided non slip suction base so there's no fear of everything ending up on the floor. Add a fun cup which baby can drink from any way up, a bowl with a bear hiding away until they eat up and a double ended spoon and parents and babies are all set for their weaning journey.

Tum Tum Eco Cloud Dinner Set
Beautiful bamboo to cheer up rainy days! This eco-friendly children's dinner set contains a divided plate, bowl and raindrop shaped cup. The sides are designed with steep sides to make for easy scooping. Made from beautiful biodegradable bamboo fibre this is the perfect set for those who want to get creative with baby led weaning. Available in Blue/Green or Pink/Orange.

Classic World Speed Car Walker
Inspire movement during play with this fabulous "build and play" push walker with learning block activity set. Introduce problem solving and colour recognition whilst helping to develop coordination, balance and dexterity.

Classic World Retro Tabletop Kitchen
Children love pretending to cook as well as cooking with Mum and Dad. What could be more fun than watching children play in their own wooden toy kitchens? The Classic World wooden kitchen set, complete with wooden cooking utensils and play food will give kids the chance to indulge their imaginations (and taste buds!) as they set about creating a delightful menu for family and friends.

For more information on any of these products contact Independent Nursery Specialist, Mike Bird on 01278 434440.

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It’s been a 20-year merry go round for baby accessories brand

Baby accessories specialist, MerryGoRoundUK is celebrating 20 years in business which founder Caroline Taylor has described as a ‘whirlwind’. Caroline founded the company in 1998 to work around having her three children, Lewis, Adam and Sean.

But two decades on the business has become a leading manufacturer and distributor of a range of popular baby brands including MuslinZ, Bright Bots, Wooly Organic Toys and AppleCheeks Nappies across the UK.

Caroline said: “I’m absolutely delighted to be celebrating our 20th year anniversary at MerryGoRoundUK – it’s been a whirlwind! I started the company when my children were small as I wanted a business that was flexible and could fit around their needs.

“I had also identified a real lack of quality baby products that at the same time were good value for money. Since the very beginning I have always tried to replicate this philosophy and ask the question “would I buy this” with all the MerryGoRoundUK brands and products.”

Originally, Caroline set up the company primarily as a baby clothing distributor and mainly sold at local events and baby and children groups. Gradually a committed customer base developed and gaps in the offering began to materialise for her to further expand the business.

“Our customers were telling us that they would prefer muslins that were better quality so we identified a real gap in the market for producing quality muslins at an affordable price. This led to us deciding to manufacture our own and MuslinZ was born!”

Setting up the MuslinZ brand was very much in Caroline’s comfort zone as before children she worked in the imports and exports business for a large international freight forwarding organisation. This experience proved invaluable as a lengthy research phase ensued to find the best factory and to get the optimum fabric produced.

Caroline added: “I literally looked at hundreds of fabric samples and then did hundreds of wash tests but I was determined to get it right, to find that perfect fabric for our muslins and all these years later I’m so glad that I put the time in then!”

Today MuslinZ, which itself has been operating for 10 years as a brand, is a leading manufacturer of high-quality 100 per cent cotton and bamboo/organic cotton muslin squares and dribble bibs, swaddles, pre-fold nappies, wipes, and terry squares.

The company also manufacture the Bright Bots brand of brightly-coloured potty-training pants and terry squares. Originally an Australian brand, Caroline revived the offering and it now enjoys global success.

Other brands in the MerryGoRoundUK portfolio include the colourful Hooligankids Fair Trade clothing range, AppleCheeks washable nappies and Wooly Organic Toys. These are all eco-brands who have huge followings in their native countries and representing them in the UK operates a fantastic opportunity for MerryGoRoundUK. One of Caroline’s sons, Sean, is now joining the business too.

“It’s an exciting time in the baby accessories industry and the future for MerryGoRoundUK is massive,” said Caroline. “Muslinz and Bright Bots both have increasing market shares and we are continually expanding the ranges of all the brands and bringing out new products.

“We have a committed and supported stockist base, many of whom we have been working with for much of the past 20 years. Most excitingly, this base continues to grow and we are working closer than ever with our stockists; bringing out exclusive prints and developing the products they tell us they need.”

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Nappy Alliance calls for government lead on reducing environmental impact of disposable nappies

The Nappy Alliance has welcomed government support for reducing the environmental footprint of disposable nappies and has called for a clear and timely approach to promote take up of reusable nappies.

Environment Secretary, Michael Gove MP, told a Conservative Party conference fringe event that he was committed to reducing plastic waste and that, as part of this, the government is considering measures to reduce the use of disposable nappies.

Chair of the Nappy Alliance and Founder & Managing Director of Bambino Mio, Guy Schanschieff, said: “From an industry point of view, it’s good to see the impact of disposable nappies being discussed within Government.

“We want to be clear that, even as a reusable nappy alliance, we don’t think that disposables should be banned because we understand they serve a purpose for many parents. What’s important here is that we can make a difference by reducing the number of disposables used and by making reusable nappies more mainstream, ensuring that they are easily available.

“Widescale use of reusable nappies can dramatically reduce the amount of plastic entering our waste system and ending up in landfill. Reusables are easy to use, and do not contain chemicals which may come into contact with the baby’s skin. Because cloth nappies can be used again and again they can help parents save a significant amount of money in the first few years of a child’s life.”

The average baby uses 4000 nappies up to potty training (weighing up to 120kg), the majority of which will go to landfill – 8 million of them every day in the UK alone.

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Direct2Mum is being sold

Graham and Alex have taken the opportunity to sell Direct2Mum and exit the nursery industry. The Brighouse store closed its doors on October 4th, but this will reopen as The Baby Room with Naresh.

The Barnsley store is being sold to the most wonderful Holly Jennings and Debbie Mycoe as they move from being store managers to the owners of their new company Direct2Mum Barnsley. The transition of Barnsley will be over the next few weeks as they get everything set up.

Katherine Stephenson will be supporting the ladies during this process so if you have any questions then please let her know.

Katherine would like to take this opportunity to say a massive Thankyou to everyone who has supported her and Direct2Mum on such an incredible journey.She's thoroughly enjoyed every moment and is so proud and happy to be handing over the Barnsley store to such a fabulous pair of ladies who she knows will be amazing.

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Gertie the Good Goose lands in Boots this Christmas

Sweet Dreamers is delighted to announce it has secured a new listing with Boots UK for its awardwinning Gertie the Good Goose. The significant agreement will see the must-have bird, for teething baby’s, land in 114 stores by January 2019 and online.

Initially on a 3-month exclusive deal, Gertie will hit the shelves and this Autumn, just in time for the busy Christmas sales period!
Gertie the Good Goose has not only been cleverly designed to soothe tender gums, she is a truly adorable companion and with bright colours for quick and easy visual focus little ones won’t want to put her down!

Gertie has a unique squeak to help entertain little ones as they chomp the pain away; her cheeky feather tail is not only a cute feature, but a thoughtful design to swerve saliva away from the air hole to prevent mould. As well as being made from 100% pure natural rubber with vegetable based paint, Gertie is BPA, Phthalate and PVC free from head to toe.

Commenting on the new stockist, Lynda Harding, Founder of Sweet Dreamers, who are the exclusive distributor of Gertie the Good Goose in the UK, said: “We are absolutely thrilled to be stocking Gertie the Good Goose in Boots. Targeting one of the nationals much loved retailers was a strategic decision and we are pleased it had proved successful. With the help of Boots UK we hope lots of babies teething pain is soothed this winter!”

For trade enquiries, please contact Harry Harding from Sweet Dreamers on

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